Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chaffee County Fair

We went to Salida to watch the tractor pull and circus entertainment at the Chaffee County Fair. We thought we would be back in the evening for the Rodeo but the night got away from us.

We're off to watch some entertainment from the Salida circus school

Evie loved the stilts, especially the long skirt.

We grabbed some fair food - which wasn't too bad as fair food usually goes. We had stir fry and Evie had a corndog that was as big as she is.

Evie, anxiously waiting for her corndog...

I wasn't kidding...it's as big as she is...

VIDEO: a little Salida circus school entertainment

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  1. Awesome! We caught the end of a tractor parade Weds evening and tried to catch the whole thing yesterday but apparently we were fifteen minutes late and missed it. :( Glad you got to attend a fair! The people on stilts would have been a neat thing to see.