Thursday, July 30, 2009

Crazy Colorado Weather

Our first two weeks in Colorado we were in much need of rain. We had a lot of cloudy days but no rain ever came from the dark stormy Sky's. Thankfully we have had rain the past few afternoons but the weather has been unpredictable. I left for my ride two days ago and it was a bit cloudy but sunny and hot. About 45 minutes into my ride the clouds started rolling in and the winds started to howl. I decided I better get home. Only minutes after I turned around to head home the rain came...and it was sheets of rain. About 15 minutes from home I finally took shelter under a tree from a surprise hail storm. About 10 minutes later the hail, rain and wind stopped and it was perfectly calm and I headed for home. Crazy Colorado weather!

I rode to Buena Vista from the house yesterday and had amazing weather...unlike my ride the day before. The ride from the Smith ranch to K's dairy was 2:20. It doesn't seem like that long but the ride has a few pretty long, steep climbs before you even get to the trail head. The ride kicked my butt but I'm super glad I did it. I stopped about half way on my ride to check in with Joel. He and the kids were going to pick me up in Buena Vista. I took a few pics from my phone.

The trail has everything; fun, fast single track, technical downhills, aspen groves, etc...

This old church is now the visitor center and chamber of commerce for Buena Vista. It is in the park Evie had her Vacation Bible School at and it's next to Kay's dairy, where I was going to meet Joel.

Famous K's. The ice cream is like Dairy Queen but it's kind of the only hopping spot in town.

I took this picture from my ride yesterday after the hail storm. The tree doesn't have many needles on the branches but the wind and rain was in such sheets that when I sat down against the trunk I wasn't touched by the wind or rain or hail.

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  1. WOW! I've been craving some of that scenery. You see amazing stuff everyday!