Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Leadville 100

We went to Leadville (a tiny mining town that sits at 10,152 feet) to cheer on the racers competing in the Leadville 100 mountain bike race (the nation’s highest-altitude endurance test). Among the racers were Lance Armstrong and David Weens, the 7 time champion...until today. We stopped at Twin Lakes and just missed seeing Lance by about 5 minutes. David was riding by when we got there. Twin Lakes is the half way point of the race.

Clarke, Ethan and Evie

We arrived in Leadville with time to spare. I guess Lance flatted about 10 miles from the finish and didn't stop to change it. He said he usually calls his team car and they give him a new wheel...he isn't used to changing his own flats. Evie is busy smelling the flowers.

And Ethan is busy slamming his fingers in the mail slot on the door. I would kiss it and make it better and he would go and do it again...

...and again...okay, he only did it twice before he learned his lesson. I was happy to kiss his little finger though.

Our little monkey trying to climb this tree. There was an open lot next to where we were watching the race. There were lots of other kids playing also.

Evie is busy catching grasshoppers. Good times!

And the winner is...Lance Armstrong (by a half hour). Last year David Weens won by almost three minutes. He said he was happy with how he raced considering Lance is just off the tour. He said 'last year Lance was just off the couch', making it a more equally competitive race. I guess Lance was pretty exhausted after the race. He wasn't social at all...just finished and disappeared. He said it was the longest solo race he has ever done. Last year he and David rode almost the entire race together and this year Lance rode 60 of the 100 miles alone.

Lance at the finish...who knew it was going to be a red carpet event...

This fence was right by where we parked our car. Maybe not my style but pretty creative.

Downtown Leadville. Don't blink...we're about to go through one of the only stop lights in town.

Driving by the start/finish area

We didn't visit the saloon - there is always next time, right?

Bye Bye last picture as we leave town.

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