Sunday, January 31, 2010

Taichung Commonable Jianguo market

We're off to the Taichung Commonable Jianguo market by the train station. It's our favorite market. We started our morning at FM Station. Clarke leaves on Thursday and there is just so much to still show him...

Breakfast of champions...

And off to the market...

Anyone for tofu???

Now that's a traveling temple...

Guess he's not going for the pigs head this morning...

money people burn at the temples

having fun peeling just a few eggs

Unfortunately by the time we got to the tool side of the market we were pushing our lunch date with Dylan and Kate's family so we didn't have much time to look. I think the boys could have spent a few more hours tinkering. Where would you even start with inventory...

This man was selling sweet potatoes. I thought his brown pot looked cool. He also looked great for his age.

Joel has fun looking at all the old motorcycles.

Fun with tie-dye

The kids have had a good time running around in our fun tie-dye dish towels. Grandma Joyce taught us how to tie-dye when we were in California before we left for Taiwan. We all had a good time. It's fun to have the towels with us and the fun memories making them.

The kids sporting their Fancy dresses. They also make great capes.

Mom, thanks for the sturdy stroller. Usually it's full of babies and animals but Ethan gets a ride once in awhile.

TGIF baloon

When Ethan and I got back from our morning walk the other day he was ready for a rest. When I checked on him he was just chilling out with his pacifier studying his red balloon from our dinner the night before at Friday's.

Evie was up when we got home and missed her brother. They had fun chilling out together.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dinner with A-PRO

We had dinner at Friday's with the APRO crew

Evie was her social little self. We could see the bar from our table so she would mingle a bit and then cruise back over to our table.

Ethan however slept almost the entire dinner. He had an early morning, early nap and fell asleep in the car on our way to dinner. He only woke up to eat dinner and then laid back down and fell back to sleep. This is the first time he has done that since he was a baby.

Clarke and Dylan showing one of many fantastic camera poses we see around town

Evie giving the V for victory for the paparazzi (another famous pose we often see)

Back to diapers...

It was one of those times when Evie was playing super quiet for a long time and when I went to check on her she was laying on Ethan's bed putting a diaper on herself. I asked her what she was doing she took me to the picture below...

This is the diaper package. Evie took me over to it and showed me that she was doing it like the directions said to.

A few minutes later I checked on Ethan and he was in our closet trying on my boots...and looking cute.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Morning with Ethan

Ethan and I cruised around town the other morning to let Evie sleep in a little bit. The kids do a good job of waking each other up. Ethan was in a cute mood.

Ethan was being playfully camera shy

He found this sloped driveway and took his run bike up and down it at least 20 times.

Anyone for chicken feet?

Would you do it? Eat a chicken foot, that is?

I am always surprised with what Evie will try. This is just the topper.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ethan's new Pacy's

Ethan has been hooked on his pacifiers ever since the earthquake accident. He has to bring them everywhere, always. He has also slowly lost them so Mandy bought a handful of them and gave them to Clarke to bring with him to Taiwan. Ethan opened the package full of pacifiers and was soooo stoked, as you can tell.

Can you believe it...just what I always wanted!!!