Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Children's Museum

We are back in Lincoln and happy to be spending time with family. We met my sister Laurie and Evie's cousins; Clair, Anderson and Louis at the Children's museum

I'm always curious why kids, Especially Evie, want to play 'taking naps' but when it actually comes to taking one Evie never wants to...

Ethan, Anderson, Evie and Clare...four busy little bees

Louis is ready to be down playing with the rest of the kids. His little legs were moving non-stop as he watched the other kids play

The kids make a trip to the grocery store

Anderson with a full cart

Clare, busy at the register. She also nicely put everything away once the kids moved on to the next area of the museum. She is a good little organizer.

Anderson busy in the construction zone

Evie rounding up the kitty's at the veterinarian clinic.

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