Saturday, January 31, 2009

Railay Beach Day #3

We walked to Phranang Cave Beach for a picnic lunch. We weren't expecting the beach to be so crowded. Evie is holding on tight to Joel, scared that the jellyfish are going to get her.

The water was shallow enough we could walk to the cave.

Evie is pretending to smile. She really didn't want to be in the water.

The beach was overly crowded but after lunch we hiked around the cave the majority of time we were there.

Evie had fun shading herself during lunch.

Our favorite part of the day was hiking around and exploring.

Ethan clapping (and eating sand) video

Railay Beach Day #2

We took a quick tour of Tham Pranangnai Cave on our way to Ao Ton Sai beach.

Evie really enjoyed the cave. I was surprised she wasn't scared considering how dark it was. She kept telling me she wanted to walk all by herself.

We thought our hike to the beach would be much shorter than it was. By the time the kids were tired and hungry a local said we still had about another half hour walk. Somehow adding kids to the equation can make anything seem like a marathon.

Finally, arriving at the beach.

Evie and I watched one of the locals unload supplies...

...actually we watched the kids playing in the water, excited the boat arrived. The eggs made it - they traveled on the front of the boat.

Our hotel is just on the other side of the rock you see. At low tide you can easily walk around it but that was a few hours away and the kids were already overdue for their naps...

...So for 500 Baht we took the 10 minute longboat ride back.

Playing in the pool after naps. Ethan's favorite thing is playing in the rocks. He loves throwing them in the pool to have us dive after them.
Railay Beach has so many jellyfish. We have all been stung many times by these small clear ones. Evie is scared of the water now, it's such a shame. We have spent more time at the pool than the ocean this trip. Evie does likes running down the beach and jumping over the jellyfish though.

More vacationers arriving. Turns out we weren't the only ones dragging our bags through the sand.

Later that evening when the tide was low we tried to walk back over to Ao Ton Sai from our beach, the beach we had lunch at in the pictures above. We didn't get far before Evie said she wasn't feeling well.

We didn't make it much further before we turned around and headed back to our bungalow. The kids went to bed early so Joel and I ordered room service and enjoyed a peaceful dinner outside watching the stars.

Railay Beach Day #1

This bridge was at the entrance to our bungalow. The kids loved watching the fish. Ethan tried everyday to take a swim with them. Evie would ask for a piece of bread to feed the 'fish' but always ate more than she fed them...

Leaving our bungalow and walking to Breakfast. It's a long walk if you have little legs.

Turns out when your kids are early risers you have first pick of a beach front table. There were always one or two little cats roaming around the table. I think the kids fed them pretty well.
Our complimentary you can see, we didn't starve.

After breakfast we played on the beach.

Every once in a while Evie would 'accidentally' dump sand on Ethan's head. Surprisingly Ethan didn't eat as much sand as I thought he would. Evie certainly did at his age.

Ethan just up from his morning nap. I love his little fresh face.

Joel took Evie to the pool while Ethan took his nap. We joined them when he woke up.

Ethan loved playing peek-a-boo with Joel in the water

Joel and Ethan hanging out in the only shady spot at the pool.

Later that evening we walked from Railay Beach East to Phranang Cave Beach.

To our surprise when we got to the beach there were monkeys in one of the trees. They were pretty tame and quite entertaining. One was even sitting on a guy's shoulder.

Phranang Cave Beach.
Joel is smiling here but is not feeling well. Our walk home started the beginning of a brutal 24 hour battle of food poisoning.

We were able to watch the beautiful sunset before walking back to our bungalow.