Friday, August 21, 2009

My 37th Birthday

For my birthday, Evie surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a picture she colored of a bow and a hurricane...

Joel, Evie and Ethan baked me a yummy vanilla cake with chocolate icing.

Evie thought it was loud when Joel turned the mixer on.

Joel has Evie's full attention as he pours the cake in the pan. Ethan is showing off his beater - I think he's looking for a refill...

What a treat, the boys even made dinner.

After dinner we headed to the moto-track to enjoy cake and roast marshmallows - and just be outside on a beautiful Colorado evening. Evie helped drive on the way there.
Ethan and I chilled in the backseat.

We have arrived and Ethan is ready for his cake...

Joel and Evie iced the cake. Evie put sprinkles on it too. (what didn't go in her mouth that is).

" That's a lot of candles mom"

As for my wish; I feel like my life is one big wish come true.

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so special. I truly appreciate all of the calls and e-mails.


We took a short walk to let our cake settle before having marshmallows. Evie has been into the tooth fairy lately and asks if she can trick the tooth fairy by sticking teeth she finds around the ranch under her pillow. Joel is pulling some teeth from an antelope, I think.

Evie is determined to score just a few more teeth

Walking on a log near the moto-track. Joel rides his moto across this - yes, he still impresses me.

Raise your hands if you are ready for marshmallow's

Evie was pretty good about taking her time and slowly roasting her marshmallow.

Joel too. He usually makes mine.

Ethan had fun roasting his stick. As usual he's a few feet away from the fire.

We all got a good laugh at Ethan driving us back to the house. He couldn't see out the window but didn't want Joel to hold the wheel either.

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