Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Nebraska State Fair

Well, well, well...what does one say about the Nebraska State Fair. I don't remember the last time I have been. I think it was 8th grade and I saw Mr. Mr perform. By the looks of things, much hasn't changed. Joel is still in Germany and we missed him being here with us.

We started in one of the animal expo halls. Evie took a seat and watched these gals sheer a sheep. As I was holding Ethan I sympathized with the lady there holding her tot. All of us parents have been in the uncomfortable position of doing something tedious while holding a squirmy tot but I'll have to admit it was the first time I have seen someone holding a tot while shaving the tiny ankles of a sheep. She looked like she could do it blindfolded.

I bent down to show Ethan something and sat my purse on my knee. Ethan jumped off my lap and grabbed my purse and no matter how hard I either tried to persuade him to give it back or use force he wasn't giving it up...only screamed all the louder. So, here is Ethan hauling my purse through the animal expo hall. He did an okay job of keeping it off the ground but, still...

We watched some of the judging, which was more entertaining than I expected.

My little monkeys thought it was pretty entertaining too

Okay, this must be a Nebraska thing. Next to the animal stalls were stalls with beds, clothes, food, etc. Do you really think people are staying the night? Maybe they are making sure no one messes with their chance at a purple ribbon goat?

It's finally corndog time. When I told Evie we were going to the fair today she immediately asked if she could get a corndog and icecream. The kids took a curbside seat to watch a high school marching band.

Ethan is hoping that Evie doesn't mind if he takes some of her corndog while she is zoning out.


The bird expo hall. Evie loves the movie 'barbie of swan lake' and was especially fond of this big white goose because it looked like Odette, the swan in the movie. She went up to a gal sitting at a desk and asked what the birds name was. I think she was hoping she would respond 'Odette".
Ethan could have played this game all day long. They both picked a lucky duck and won a prize. Ethan however didn't want his prize...he wanted to keep picking ducks
Yes, a pink inflatable dolphin - just what I always wanted...

Evie picked out our next ride, the 'Dizzy Dragon'. It was a ride we could all do.

Okay, ready or not here we go...
I think right now they are both thinking they are NOT ready. Ethan did okay but Evie got a little sick feeling I think. She just wanted to lay her head on my lap until the ride stopped.
One last ride before we head home. To my surprise Evie picked out this fire engine instead of the glittery pink sports car. It was all she talked about when we were standing in line and then when it was her turn she ran to the fire engine.

Ethan was so bummed he couldn't do the ride. He threw himself down on the ground and while he was down there he spotted my purse in the stroller and helped himself to some tick-tacks. I just let him have some. At this point I was happy he was sitting nicely and not screaming or doing somersaults in my arms.

Bummer, we are on our way out and I saw what I should have had for lunch. Again, only in's a dish of mashed potatoes shaped like a DQ Sundae and topped with beef gravy, sprinkled with cheese and topped with a cherry tomato. I'll have to admit it may not have looked appetizing but it did look like a sundae.

This however is appetizing - TCBY frozen yogurt.

Nebraska State Fair, Check
Corndog, Check
Ice Cream, Check
Beef Sundae, next year

VIDEO: A little clip of the ride/games/people at the fair

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  1. Yes, people really do stay the night. And next year, you'll have to get your beef sundae in Grand Island. Bummer.

    You are are an intense blogger now! Way to go, Carrie! :)