Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Canoeing adventure

Canoeing at Clear Creek Reservoir

Evie and Ethan had fun playing in the mud and throwing rocks into the water

Joel took this picture and when he looked at it he said Ehtan looks just like he did at his age.

And of course it's all fun and games...until someone gets slimed with muddy moss...

Ethan doesn't seem to mind that he now has dried mud on his head...

The Tabor girls

Delphina sporting a life jacket that is a little too big...

The mud was so deep and covered by only a little water so when you stepped into what you thought was shallow water you quickly sank into a few feet of mud. The kids had fun with it.

Ethan's muddy feet

Joel taking a quick ride before we head home. Unfortunately the mosquito's were really bad.

And a quick look back as we drove away. What a beautiful place.

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  1. I miss you all so much. Things are going well in Texas. Please say a prayer for rain. These people haven't seen rain since June. It is os dry. Trees are dying. Love you, see you in a couple weeks.