Sunday, April 24, 2011

The kids' first field trip

The kids had their first field trip with Good Shepherd school to the Children's Museum in Monterey. We arrived a bit early so we had time for a treat at the bakery across the street.

Evie and Ethan's class listening to instruction before being let loose...

Ethan and his buddy Ethan. They both started school on the same day and their birthday's are only one day apart. Mrs. Sue said they are best buds and that they are glued at the hip at school.

Who can resist being in a huge bubble.

The museum was nice but surprisingly about half the size of the Lincoln museum, maybe smaller. The kids had a fun time with their classmates and it was fun for me to see who their buddies are and meet some of the parents too.

We stayed at the museum for a few hours and after lunch with their class we walked down the street a few blocks to the Dennis the Menace park we heard a lot about.

This was the water fountain. I'm not sure the kids weren't even thirsty...I think they just had fun drinking from a lion's mouth.

Denis the Menace with my two menaces...

After the park we walked across the street to have a snack on the beach before heading back to Santa Cruz.
The sea lions were active and really close to the shore. The kids enjoyed watching them.

On our way home we stopped at a fruit/veggie stand to pick up some fresh goodies. It's hard not to be spoiled by all the fresh produce.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Natural Bridges State Park

Here are a few pictures from Natural Bridges State Park. It was a very very very windy day and the wind was cold coming off the water but the kids ran until they were tired and didn't mind getting wet or being windblown.

The kids are like little puppies when you let them out of the car they just run in circles like they have been trapped.

Joel and Evie are watching the seal and surfers just past the rocks.

The natural bridge at Natural Bridges State Park...

The rock formations were interesting. Some rough and some smooth. This one was a perfect stair step for the kids to climb and a smooth slide for them to go down.

The kids had fun running in the shallow drainage water. We assumed it was warm water since it was shallow and since the kids didn't mind getting soaked but it was freezing. At least the same temp as the ocean water.

The kids were playing in the shallow water just to the right of Joel in this picture. It was a nice chance for us to chill.

We found some tide pools that had a lot of interesting marine life. Joel is feeding a sea anemone a muscle he broke open.

Joel found the kids a huge starfish

We took a different path back to our car. The kids stopped to watch this big swan in a pond. The swan actually quickly swam to the side and started walking towards the kids. It was viscous and huge. I think it could have eaten Ethan for lunch. It was as big as he was. We obviously kept moving. We are used to feeding the geese in NE and CO so the kids were interested and not afraid when he came out of the water...and then he stretched his neck and opened his wings and he was HUGE. The biggest one I have ever seen - I bet he was at least 50 pounds.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

First day of Good Shepherd School

The kids start at their new school today - Good Shepherd Catholic School. My mom took almost all of the photos from this post and the past few posts. Thanks mom for always taking so many great photos.

Ethan's teacher, Mrs. Sue and the class welcome Ethan. Ethan was shy for the first few minutes but warmed up okay. Randomly there was another Ethan starting today as well and their birthdays are only a day apart. They are good buddies now and are glued at the hip every time I see them.
My mom caught Evie mid-dance. She took this when we picked Evie up from school. Obviously she had no trouble adjusting.

Good Shepherd School.
We met daddy for lunch and took a tour of X-Fusion

Ethan is patiently waiting for dessert

My dad, Joel and Ethan standing in front of X-Fusion

The back warehouse, bike repair/warranty and shipping area

Where daddy tries to get his work done.

So Evie gave herself a haircut for some crazy reason. Anyway, we needed to visit a salon to tidy up her new cut. Evie liked having her hair washed.

Ethan got a trim also. He sat so still and looked so handsome.

Evie liked looking at herself in the mirror.

After baths it was sweet to see my mom brushing Evie's hair...

And then Ethan thought it would be nice to brush grandma's hair. Poor grandma, he's not so gentle.

We love grandma and grandpa.