Saturday, February 27, 2010

Metropolitan Park

The kids and I went to Metropolitan park to feed the ducks and play for a bit. It rained on us off and on but it was a warm fun rain, we didn't mind. Evie is such a goof. Most of the time her drama is a good thing.

We have sporadic luck feeding the ducks. Sometimes they are starving an gobble up the bread quickly and sometimes the ducks don't eat much before they swim off. Today, they heard the kids open the bags with the bread in it and quickly swam over and huddled around their feet

Evie is busy feeding the ducks and Ethan is busy feeding his face

What? Who me? I didn't eat any bread...
(I think that is part of the fun)

Ethan tickling himself with a flower.

After the park we went to KFC for lunch. Joel and Dylan were just leaving a meeting and were able to meet us there.

Evie and her new little friend.

Happy Valentines Day from the Tabor girls. It's always a fun surprise to get mail from family and friends, especially when it's filled with goodies. As you can see by the stick dripping down Ethan's chin he needed a bath after eating his sucker.


Doughnuts for Joel

And Reeses and catching up on all the latest Hollywood gossip for me :) Thanks Mandy.

Friday, February 26, 2010

A little bird visitor

We had this surprising visitor on our window. We are on the 9th floor and I guess I just never expected a bird to land on our screen.

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VIDEO: Our little bird visitor for a second before Evie scared him off

Yu Kid Island

We're on our way to Yu Kid Island one last time. We had a free coupon that we wanted to use before we leave Taiwan. Ethan of course wants to wear Evie's helmet everywhere, the car is no exception.

Let the fun begin...

Evie just before she knocked down Joel's tower...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Windsor Hotel Park

Joel had a meeting this morning so we tagged along to play at the park outside the Windsor Hotel. It's a pretty cool little play place especially for a hotel.

Oh my gosh, this is soooo cool.

Evie making sand angels

Ethan is getting ready to work his glutes

You'll have to check out the video at the end of this post. Maybe you had to be there but it still makes me laugh to think of his little legs looking like a midget.

Watch out Jane Fonda...

This teeter tauter says it was made in Missouri of all places

This grandpa was so cool hanging out with his granddaughter. He had lots of energy and was encouraging her to try everything. He seemed happy to be spending time with her.

VIDEO: Ethan doing his exercises at the park

New haircuts

I guess it's family haircut day...Evie and I took our turn in the chairs first

The kids were cute watching as Joel got his hair cut. If you can believe it the cut is only 100NT which is about $3.00
Hi daddy


We had a rainy and cold day in Taipei so our sightseeing plans quickly changed to a play date at Ikea which was right next door to our hotel.

Ethan loved playing inside the little ladybug tent

Evie gathered animals and sat them around the table for a tea party

Joel is busy perfecting his new style

This little boy was so curious about Ethan and followed him around everywhere

Ethan playing peek-a-boo

And sporting some masks...They made me want to squeeze his face more than usual

We went to the mall in hopes of catching a movie with the kids but the times we were interested in were in Chinese. We had fun playing games though.

There was so much going on for Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the Tiger.

I'm not sure what this was about but a crowd of kids gathered and beat the Tiger with these swards (tubes of air) until he was defeated.

Evie usually has no fear but she was playing shy when it was time to take a picture.

There was a lot of fun stuff for kids at this mall. The kids floor had lots of games, rides, etc. Right now Ethan is looking at a tank of fish.

Our dinner entertainment.

Our kids were entertained with all the other kids dancing. Evie was too shy to participate.