Monday, August 17, 2009

St. Elmo

We went to St. Elmo for the morning to feed the chipmunks and explore some old mines.

The chippers were quite friendly. They crawled on all of us at some point.

We drove up Hancock Pass road to explore some abandoned mines and cabins. This is Allie Belle Mine. It looks like it is going to collapse at any moment but Joel said it has looked like this since he can remember.

Exploring the cabin next to Allie Belle Mine.

An old train bridge on Hancock Pass road
Exploring another mine off Hancock Pass road.
It was a bit of a rocky sketchy hike down to the mine but the kids did great.
Piles of metal shrapnel.

A door leading into a tunnel under the road. It was surprisingly cold in the tunnel.

The kids loved throwing rocks into the bright Aqua colored water. The metal culvert you see in the background is where the door is in the picture above.

Exploring the mine

A mining cart. A rare treat. Most of the wagons, mining carts, tools, etc. have been collected over the years.

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