Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Chalking

After school Evie and I drew with chalk. It was the perfect temp outside. I love the stories Evie comes up with when we draw. I know I post a lot of her drawings but they really make my day.

This is Rapunzel carrying a bag of treats.

This ballerina is holding her baby who is sucking on a pacifier and wearing a green diaper.

My story teller and artist

This momma ballerina is the one holding her baby and this is her daughter next to her who is walking her puppy.

This one was my favorite. It's like the girl has a skip in her step with her head to the side and her playful arms. It reminds me of Evie.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pumpkin fun

We decided to carve one of our pumpkins tonight. The kids took off their shirts so they could get their arms deep in the pumpkin without covering it in slime.

While Joel was carving the design Evie picked out the kids had fun painting one of the other pumpkins.

Joel, was trying to make a cat with whiskers for Evie.

Evie painted this little happy face on her tummy and then started to make a rainbow....

Their pretty pumpkin

After Evie painted on herself it gave the kids a wonderful you can see.

Evie painted Ethan's back and gave him a necklace

Ethan is painting Evie's fingernails.

Ethan is waiting patiently for Evie to paint his back

It's Evie's turn
Four cute pumpkins

Ethan holding the pumpkin top as his hat. You should have seen the bath water...instantly brown. I scrubbed the kids and had to run fresh water. They had a fun time and the paint washed off so easily. It was the perfect night to be outside too.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Think Evie has some influence on Ethan?
I asked Ethan if I could take his picture and he said 'No Mom', and went outside to swing. These are from my phone. I was texting when a bundle of pink tulle waked by so I grabbed a few pictures.

Ethan stepped in the mud and this was the fastest place to clean him up so he wouldn't spread it all over the house.

And...back to being a pretty ballerina. He and Evie are helping prepare dinner.

Evie is taking tails off the shrimp. I should have taken a video - She is holding two tails and they are having quite the conversation.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Great day to be outside...

It was a nice day to be outside. Minus the humidity, of course. Evie came home from preschool to a new box of chalk. She immediately took the box outside and got busy using her imagination.

Evie drew a picnic for us. She made yummy drinks for us, a plate of cookies, was quite a feast. She even drew ants that were pretty cute.

Ethan was happy to help give Joel a haircut. Ethan was pretty patient. Actually, so was Joel.

The kids had fun giving each other rides around in the back yard.

VIDEO: Ethan giving Joel a haircut

VIDEO: Evie came to pick Ethan up for a ride. He got distracted by killing an ant.

Ethan giving Evie a ride on the tricycle and Evie was heavy he couldn't get started and would spin out at times. I guess you had to be there. It was so funny for some reason. Ethan and Evie play that they are mom and dad when they play so when Ethan pulls up he says to Evie, 'lets go' and Evie says 'okay mom'. Ethan is mom at the moment.

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles

It was the perfect day for bubbles. It wasn't windy so we were able to watch the bubbles disappear before popping. Evie is getting blasted at the moment.

The bubbles were so pretty. Prettier than usual. They had so much color to them.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Make me beautiful

The kids are fresh out the bath and Evie is making Ethan's hair well as her own.

Pumpkin time

We stopped by to see the Tabor girls on our way home from getting pumpkins. Ethan and Delphina had fun driving around in their neighbors little red mustang. It's a good thing we don't have space for something like this. Ethan was having so much fun.
Back home Evie gave her pumpkin a ride on the quad.

Ethan was busy coloring his pumpkin with a marker. He was sitting so still. I thought his little feet and neck looked so cute.

Ethan was carefully decorating his with a marker.

Evie's hayrack ride

Evie's school had a hayrack ride around Pioneer's park where her school is. It was cute to see her around her friends and meet some of the parents also. She and her buddy Ethan had fun watching the tractor go.

After we got to the park we had a snack and then the parents did a workbook assignment with their child. This week is "A" week so Evie traced and wrote the letter A and covered her letters in ant stickers.

Evie and her classmates had fun taking turns on the tractor.

The kids played in the park until it was time to head back to school. Evie and her buddy Aurora were inseparable.

Here is Evie's little class. There are 11 in her class. She's right in the middle and her teacher Mrs. Sueann is in the blue on the right.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crazy Nebraska Weather

The kids and I were on our way home the other night when I took these pictures with my phone. We stopped for groceries and it dumped rain while we were shopping. Luckily it wasn't raining too hard when we had to walk to the car. I saw a lot of people hanging out in the entryway with their full carts not wanting to get soaked. It's so amazing to watch a storm actually move across the city like this one did. We had some pretty big branches down in our neighborhood and loss of power for about 4 hours...which meant an early bedtime for all.

At the salon...


After the kids got haircuts the other day they have been playing salon themselves. Evie has a plastic pair of scissors from her Rapunzel barbie that they use. It was really quite funny to watch. They played like that for 15 minutes before I wised up and grabbed my camera. When I did they were done. Of course. Some friends of ours just gave us a bag of pullups for Ethan they didn't use before their daughter was out of them. Evie found the bag sitting on the steps and when I went to check on the kids they were not only playing salon but they were both wearing pullups. Good times.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ethan's first haircut

Ethan got his first haircut today. Well, Evie gave him his first haircut in Colorado but this is his first professional cut. He was a good boy and sat very still.

Evie is getting ready for her haircut also. I think this might be Evie's third haircut. She also cut her own hair in Colorado this summer. She has some pretty big chunks of hair missing from the back but luckily it hides well with the rest of her hair. The sides are harder not to notice.

We go to lollipops salon and the kids can play while it's not their turn. It works out well for all of us...I have even had my hair cut there before while the kids played.

Evie said "thank you, I look beautiful".

The kids think the best part is the balloons and the lollipops they get. Poor Ethan, he let his go when we were walking down the street after we got home. He was so sad to watch it float away. It made me sad to see his little lip out as he was pointing at his balloon.