Monday, April 26, 2010

The Lincoln airport

Ethan is helping Joel get checked into his flight. Joel is on his way to Europe for a few weeks for dealer/shop visits, two bike events and a week of training presentations in Germany.

Evie is proudly showing off her new wings and police badge sticker. After she fell up the escalator and scraped her leg and elbow pretty good one of the customer service guys made sure she was okay and gave she and Ethan their wings. The airport police happened to be walking by and passed out stickers too.

After I took Evie's picture she said 'would you take another one' and did this pose. She is such a ham. She sure misses Joel. On our way home she was pretty bummed but has had the chance to talk to Joel a few times since he left. That always puts a smile on her face.

Date night

Grandma and Grandpa Potter brought dinner over and then after dinner Joel and I went on a date night to the movies. We saw 'bounty hunter' which was pretty predictable. The movie we went to the theater to see was not there any longer. The most random thing that happened was half way during the movie the screen went black and someone came in and announced that we were in a tornado watch and advised us not to leave the building....and then the movie restarted. We were surprised when we left the movie theater that it was dry and clear outside.

The kids spent the day playing outside. They are sure busy bees though. I was inside for a few minutes and that was long enough for them to get into the bag of lime for the lawn and spread it all over themselves and the ground. I quickly gave them a bath before grandma and grandpa arrived.

Evie's flower garden.
Grandma and grandpa are so cool! They are easy to admire because they are just perfect being themselves. They have so much love for each other and their friends and family.
Nice work grandma and Evie

And the boys, letting their chicken settle.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chalk drawings...

Hopefully you're not getting tired of the chalk drawing posts yet. I could take new pictures everyday of Evie's drawings. This picture is of herself dressed as Snow White. She is holding a flower and sporting a fancy crown.

This is our rough and tumble son who is launching at me like he's trying to protect Evie from the paparazzi...

We bought some new hanging flower baskets and the kids had so much fun dragging around the old baskets.

I was chatting with my sister Laurie on the phone and she had a good idea of having Evie lay next to her drawing. Evie said it was too bright but I thought it was a cute idea. Thanks Laurie.

Before 8:00am

With our early risers sometimes I feel like it has to be noon it's not even 8:00am was one of those mornings. Our busy bees were playing with PlayDoh so I started the project of cleaning out our pantry. Ethan was pretty helpful stacking cans and handing me everything. It was cute. It was also nice to finally wipe the shelves and re-organize too.

Ethan, still in his pj's and Evie on her 3rd princess wardrobe change...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beautiful spring day

Evie and I had fun playing in the fallen magnolia petals in our neighbors yard. Evie wore her 'wedding' dress and played like it was her wedding day...

She wore her rain boots on her wedding day too...

However, Ethan wasn't so stoked. I'm not sure why. He woke up from his nap grumpy. Usually getting outside makes him happy...this time it didn't.

We went to visit our friends down the street. Evie is inside saying hello through their window.

Ethan and Grace had fun cruising around.

Thanks for the fun play date Grace...and for sharing all your fun toys.

Sarah brought a bucket of water for the kids to dip their glasses in and get a drink. They had fun pouring water on their fancy rain boots.

This evening Ethan helped me water our Evie's fancy Snow White heals. He can walk in heals better than I can.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Saturday afternoon...

Spring is such an amazing time of year. We missed the harsh winter but I still feel so appreciative that it's spring. The kids love playing outside and in general it's hard not to be happy when I look out and see the kids playing and beautiful flowers popping up everywhere.

Evie has had fun drawing with chalk the past few days. Here is her mama bird with a worm in her mouth. Her baby is flying near her.

I thought this was funny...Evie drew herself getting an x-ray. She said the lines were her spine.

This was at the top of the tree house she drew. This was the 'girls' house. The boy tree house didn't have a flower.

Ethan has had a blast riding Evie's bike. We actually found a bike exactly like this but purple and a size bigger at a second hand store. It was in perfect shape. Now both of our kids have fantastic princess bikes...Poor guy, he has inherited Evie's old pink helmet too. Luckily he doesn't seem to mind...

VIDEO: Ethan on his bike trainer...

VIDEO: Ethan zipping around the back yard on his bike

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We all anxiously await the big Easter festivities at my Uncle Emil's farm. Days before Easter Evie asks "Are we going to Emil's today? or "is today the Easter egg hunt?" It's always fun to hang out with my mom's family - they are all kids at heart.

This branch was shoved into the ground during a tornado a few years ago. My uncle has not been able to remove it, it's in the ground so deep.

Joel and Evie are on their way to feed the cattle. A few minutes later my dad said "did Evie get poop on her hands? She just walked into the house with poop on her hands" Luckily Joel said he would go check it out...

Sometimes it feels like Ethan is as big as Evie because he's as strong as her but she still has some height on him...

Ethan had fun handing Jeremy handfuls of corn. Jeremy is such a fantastically patient dad...he just kept holding his hands out for more

Finally, let the Easter egg hunt begin...

Ethan knew exactly what to do. He also knew that there was candy inside the wrappers and eggs and ate more candy than he gathered.

Sweet little Evie.

Joel and Ethan sharing a treat

Morgan, Jessica, Louis and Laurie

Morgan giving Ethan a big hug

After the Easter egg hunt was over I looked at Evie and she was just lounging in the sun enjoying a sucker.

My Aunt Margaret snapped our family photo. Looking at this makes me realize why we live in Lincoln. It is so much fun to be from a big family! Thanks mom and dad!!

We went to my parent's house in the evening. We are trying to squeeze in as much time with Jessica as we can before she heads back to Cali on Monday. The week sure went by quickly. I thought this was funny of Ethan...he was painting and all of a sudden he noticed mom's statue. He jumped up and...

...ran over to it and tried to figure out how the birds were attached...

...and then to my surprise he gave St. Francis a big hug...

Ethan loved stacking and unstacking piles of bricks. He would clap for himself also.

Somehow he managed not to pinch his fingers also...