Monday, August 24, 2009

St. Elmo

Joel set off on a marathon bike ride this morning. From the house he climbed about an hour and a half to St. Elmo. After Ethan's nap we met him in St. Elmo. Joel fed the chipmunks with the kids before he and Clarke continued on their epic ride connecting Hancock Pass, Alpine Tunnel grade, Continental Divide and Tincup Pass. They were some tired boys when they arrived home but 5 1/2 hours of riding at just under 13,000 feet, brutal!

A few pictures from Joel's phone.

Clarke, above tree-line.

Feeding the chipmunks is always a good time.

Joel is helping Ethan stand still long enough to feed a chipper.

Ethan looking for the chipper that just ran away.

Ethan moments away from dropping a handful of food on a chipper.

After the boys took off on their ride we went to the creek and played around in the water for awhile. The kids always have a blast. Mr. Croc got to come too. The kids nicely let him sunbathe for a moment.

Ethan is hot on Evie's trail. Everywhere she goes he's only a few steps behind.

The kids had fun throwing rocks into the water. It wasn't much longer before both of them fell in and soaked their pants. Neither of them liked walking around in wet pants so the rest of our time they had the look you see below...

I love Evie's creative little mind. Here she found the perfect fishing pole.

She and her fishing pole are off to explore new waters. Ethan of course is hot on her tail...
He doesn't know he's fishing but if his big sister is holding a stick in the water he better hold a stick in the water.

Okay, this may be my favorite part of the day. Ethan is trying to feed his croc a rock. It was just so cute watching his fat little fingers try to fit a rock into the constantly moving rubber mouth.

He is so focused. He's trying a new squatting angle...maybe this will help the rock stay put...

Nope, he now is shoving the croc's mouth on a rock on the ground instead of trying to feed it to it...

Okay, back to trying to feed the croc a rock. I know it's a lot of pictures but it was so precious...

Some of you may remember our 'lost shoes' post for my dad from our Taiwan trip. Well, since we have been in the US I haven't seen any lost shoes...until today. As we were walking back to the car Evie said 'there is a shoe for grandpa'. Sure enough there was a shoe. Evie happily posed for a picture.

I love how innocent the kids are. They are both strolling back into town in their skibbies and don't have a care in the world if anyone is looking at them...

Evie holding her toy turtle, strolling into town.

I was getting some dry clothes for the kids and heard a car coming. I asked the kids to stay by the car and when I looked Evie was holding Ethan so he wouldn't run in the road. She is such a sweet big sister sometimes.

Heading down the mountain from St. Elmo - Beautiful Colorado!

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