Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sunshine Ranch

We're off to do some after dinner exploring down by the creek.

Evie holds on to the handlebar and...

...Ethan holds on to Joel's leg (and rubs it). If Joel tries to hold onto Ethan he takes Joel's hand and moves it off him.

The kids had fun walking through and yelling in the culvert. This is the place Joel caught the trout a few weeks ago. The kids love playing in the sand.

They also love playing in the dirt. They were picking the dried pieces of mud off the bank and offering it to Joel and I. Evie said it was chocolate.

Re-decorating a pine cone Christmas tree. I guess Ethan gathered all the pine cones the last time they were at the creek. The wind had just blown them off the tree.

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  1. Looks like heaven ... or a little piece of it, anyway! Glad you're enjoying it!