Monday, May 25, 2009

Amy & Robert's visit

We had the treat of Amy, Bob and their son Jackson visiting us while they are in town from GA. Ethan is soaking up all the love and attention he's getting.

Bob and adorable little Jackson.
Ethan and Jackson are playing with Evie's fancy ponies on the swing. The boys are four months apart. It will be fun to see how the boys grow and change between visits but with any luck and a lot of prayers we can hope that Amy and Bob move to Omaha to be near Amy's parents (and us).

Amy is an amazing photographer and its no wonder, she has so much fun energy around the kids. They seemed more playful with camera as she was chasing them around the yard. If you get a chance you should check out her site at

Tomac Bike Shipment

We received our Tomac Bike order and Chris, the owner of Cycle Works Bike Shop, was kind enough to let us unload the truck in his parking lot and store some of the bikes there. Last year it was a bit tight trying to unload the bikes and inventory them in our driveway...

Cycleworks is the Tomac Bike dealer in Lincoln.

...and just a few more bikes...

Joel taking inventory before the truck drives away and we start shuttling bikes to the Tomac office (home).

The staging area for shipments waiting to go out in the next few days.

Now that the shipment arrived, Clarke is busy prepping bikes for a demo event in Colorado

Evie and Ethan enjoyed playing hide and seek in the maze of boxes

And yes, even the living room turned into a staging area for an order waiting to go out.

After waiting for two days for the trucking company to pick up the orders they both arrived with-in seconds of each other. They literally passed each other in the street...

Looking left from our driveway

Looking right from our driveway

Our neighbors Mark and Sarah were on a walk with their daughter and thankfully lent a hand during the scramble to get the bikes from the house and on the trucks. After Sarah helped get the boxes from the house to the curb she took the kids in the backyard while Joel and Mark finished loading the truck.

Another day in the life of Tomac Bikes...

Evie at Preschool

Evie started a little preschool program at Christ United Church. She goes two days a week from 9:00am-1:00pm. She was going until noon but when we would pick her up she was always so sad because she couldn't have lunch with her friends so we changed her pick-up time until after lunch. However, she still isn't ready to leave when we arrive at's a bitter-sweet. I am so happy that she loves school and that she has made friends there but it just feels like this youthful time if fleeting. Evie's cousins Clare and Anderson are also in her class.

Evie and Ethan are anxiously waiting for me to open the door. Evie is anxious to go to school (with her Tinkerbell lunchbox that is half her size) and Ethan thinks he gets to play outside. He doesn't know that in a few minutes he'll be trapped in his car seat.

Evie - 3 1/2 years old.

Mrs. Shannon has the kids set on a letter at the beginning of class. Today Evie is pretending to be her cousin Delphina and sat on the letter D.

Mrs Shannon is beginning the day with a song. Evie just joins right in and doesn't even notice that Ethan and I just left...Her cousin Clare is next to her in the blue shirt.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Morrill Hall - Colorful Creations day

We went to Morrill Hall to check out their 'Colorful Creations Day' celebration.

The kids band "The String Beans" rocked the museum.

Ethan had fun with his neighborhood pal, Grace.

We spent the remainder of our time in the discovery center which is a hands on area perfect for kids. Evie and Ethan loved the dig site. Evie is busy digging the ground rubber out from between her toes and Ethan is going to dig where ever this little girl is going to dig.

Roar, look out, that's one raggle-taggle chickie...

Mother's day at the Zoo

After lunch we went to the zoo to celebrate mother's day. The Zoo offered mothers a free train ride and a free ice cream sundae. Unfortunately we didn't have time for either of them but we had a great time.

Butch is giving Evie a ride.

Of course we can't stop by the goats with out feeding them.

Evie was feeding this little goat and he surprised her by nibbling on her finger.

Ethan is so aggressive. He rams the food in their mouth whether it's open or not.

The butterfly pavilion is not open yet but the kids always have fun playing on the caterpillar

Happy Mother's day...what a fun day to be a mom.

Playing in the sand pit. Ethan is trying to fill his tiny cup with this huge shovel.

Evie is making a pitcher of lemonade.

Of course I would like a glass of lemonade. How can I resist anything from that scrunchy face.

Evie is having fun on the spider web...

...and Ethan is just chilling out watching his big sister

Evie found some boys and a pile of dirt and sticks to play with...perfect.

Evie is feeding Leo, the paper eating lion. Leo was around when I was Evie's age. We always had fun collecting paper we found on the ground...or in mom's purse to feed Evie is going through my purse for one more receipt or gum wrapper.

Evie chatting it up with a helper at Stego's Big Dig.

And a fun way to end the afternoon -our site as we were exiting the zoo.

National Train Day - Zoo

We went to the zoo to celebrate National Train Day. We started by feeding the goats - one of the kid's favorite things to do. We didn't have a lot of time at the zoo before nap time but we were planing on coming back the next day for mother's day.

Whoa Betsy...
Just a little harder Ethan...
My little Eagle is about to take flight.

The kids always love playing in the Eagle's nest. There is a ramp that leads to the center of the nest that Ethan must have ran up and down at least twenty times.

Our treat when we stopped for a potty break. Ethan of course wanted to chase it.

The kids enjoyed watching the miniature train go around the track. This was one of the National Train day activities.

The animals are always fascinating, even to me.

Evie surprised me by crawling up on this rock and nicely watched a little bird down below.

Evie making some new friends at the spider web.

Ethan making his way around the web too.

He would rather play in the big dirt pile though. He would climb up this mound of dirt and...

...slide down...and do it over and over and over again.