Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Evie's portrait

We met Joel's friend Dew in San Jose this weekend. He's there as a percussionist for the band Chicago. I think Joel travels a lot and then finding out Drew is gone half the year doesn't seem acceptable. At least he loves what he does. He just came off a three year tour with the Foo Fighters. On our way to lunch Evie spotted this artist drawing portraits and quickly started a conversation with him about wanting to be an artist also and told him she was in art classes. He was a sweet man. He offered to draw her portrait after lunch.

Evie would sit absolutely still and then jump up and look at his work and give him the thumbs up and then sit back down. He got a kick out of her.

Ethan, Joel and Dew went to the Tesla car showroom a few doors down. When they got back Ethan had to get in his words too.

Evie admired her picture all the way home.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

morning at the pump track

Ethan and I met his little friend Jaden from his preschool class at the pump track this morning along with her mom and brother. Jaden rides a run bike and is pretty daring. She turns three next week.

Ethan is still getting the hang of his big boy bike. He can barely stand over the bike but when he's riding he seems to have good control. He loved the track and riding the whoops.

Video: Ethan on the lower part of the pump track. He can barely stand over his bike so going up some of the hills are hard. It was cute to see his little tiptoes working over time.

Video: Ethan on the whoops at the pump track

Video: Ethan on the whoops at the pump track. Ethan told me to say Green (for go).

Little lovers...

I gave the kids a bowl of frozen watermelon the other day and sent them outside. Six chairs around the table and they share a chair. It funny that they love being so close to each other. I know that will change as they grow but I loved looking out the window and seeing them in the same chair.

Evie's schoolwork

Evie brought home her first classwork the other day. Nothing has been said yet, but I suppose I'll have to direct the little artist inside of her to keep it separate from schoolwork but I did enjoy her creativity. These feathers belonged to little Indian girls.

The horn was making noise

This girl was ringing the bell and in the overall picture below you can see a person sleeping too.

The park after swim lessons...

After swim lessons the kids get to play at the park next door. They have a typical park with slides, swings and sand but the kids seem to spend more time running around in the trees behind the park. I love the tall redwoods here. (Amy, this is the spot where I was talking to you on the phone)

The park with swings, etc. is just to the right of the train. The swimming pool is just behind the train.

I was trying to show just how micro the kids are next to the tall trees but this isn't even half of the tree. They are just soooo tall.

So after the park we stopped at Costco for a few things and the kids got a hot dog the size of them. I can't believe this didn't give them a bellyache.

My big helper in the school garden

Ethan was my big helper at school as we got the life garden ready for the kindergartners to plant. The playground is near the garden so he would play and then help me weed, etc. It was fun.

After we were done in the garden we stopped by to see his teachers in the PS room. Ethan showed one of his teachers an old ouchie he had and she pulled out this box of cool skateboard bandaids. This screaming hand is actually the graphic Ethan has on his skateboard at home. He was stoked.

Being a goof and showing off his bandaid..

Blu - from the movie Rio...

We just watched the movie Rio via Netflix and Evie is pretending to be Linda, Blu's owner. Blu is perched next to her drawing there...only he's white. Anyway, she got these crazy glasses from a parade we went to a while back but they work perfectly for Linda's big round glasses.

Ethan is busy drawing too. It's funny where I find them playing. Most often they don't sit at their little kid table to draw or play...they are almost always on the floor or under something somewhere.
Evie's self portrait as Linda holding Blu. She is so quick with her pen. I think I heard her pen for about three minutes before she popped up from under the desk to show me her work.