Monday, August 10, 2009

Browns Creek - Wagon Loop hike

Joel and Evie went on a motorcycle ride the other day and stopped to do some exploring on the Wagon Loop Trail and found black berry bushes. They saved some berries on the bush to show Ethan and I. We took the quad the next evening and did some exploring and enjoyed some wild strawberries and blackberries.

Joel and Evie picking berries.

We ran across this random shelter made out of branches...

Daddy and Ethan throwing rocks

Evie waving to the horses as we ride by
Evie and Ethan laughing on our way home

Whenever Joel would turn the handlebar to the left and closer to Ethan he would grab the handle and try to help Joel steer...

VIDEO: Throwing BIG rocks into the creek

VIDEO: The world's longest "Timber"

VIDEO: Evie singing 'I wish, I wish' before throwing her rock into the creek below

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