Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lost in Fun

Evie has been asking to go to Lost in Fun since we were in Colorado. It has been a bit rainy the past few days so it seemed like the perfect place to go. It's basically an indoor playground and fun center. We met my sister Mandy and her girls along with Skyler a friend of Delphina's from school.
I told Evie that Skyler was coming and she said "I'm going to pretend she is my friend too. I know she is Delphina's friend but I'll just pretend"
The kids played so hard. We stayed until 8:00pm (bedtime) since they were having so much fun and they both went to bed right when we got home and without a peep...which is always a treat.
Evie goofing off in the princess tot-car

Ethan loved the foam pit, a new addition to Lost in Fun. It was hard to keep up with the kids and take pictures as they moved from one toy to the next so quickly.

Ethan was in and out of the balls as fast as I could grab my camera

Evie - showing her baby blues

Delphina, Skyler and Evie in the foam pit. The girls would completely disappear and then pop out and say 'surprise'.

Skyler and Delphina - they seem like pretty sweet friends.

It's bubble time. There is a fan and bubble machine on top of the wall you see. The kids had a good time catching bubbles

Mandy giving Claudia and Ethan a ride in the wagon.

VIDEO: A short clip of Ethan in the bounce house.

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