Tuesday, March 29, 2011

tiny halloween costumes

So Evie was going through the Halloween totes, like she often does and she surprised me by putting on her old costumes from when she was one and two years old. This chicken is from when she was one.

And the monkey is from when she was two. I showed her a picture from when she was two and it actually fit her. Other than the length in the legs and arms I couldn't believe that it still fit her legs and tiny bottom. We got a good laugh. I can't believe how big my little girl is now.

My folks - on their way to CA

My folks stopped over on Saturday morning to drop off some adorable travel blankets and pillows that my mom made for the kids to take on the plane with them. They of course are super excited. Ethan went upstairs to his bed to test his out.

Evie - getting snugly in hers.

Evie even made Grandpa test it out. He looked pretty comfy.

My folks are making the long drive to CA with our truck and the remaining things that didn't fit in the sprinter Joel drove. We are getting a light snow as we packed the truck.

A huge thanks to mom and dad for driving to CA. for us. We look forward to seeing them when we get there.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ethan's scoot

We have this bucket that holds blocks and the kids love crawling in it and giving each other rides around the house by the handle. Anyway, this time Ethan was using the wheels and giving himself a ride.

He's pretty top heavy when reaching the wheels so he would often crash...which I think he may have done on purpose too.

Evie is coloring which is one of her favorite things to do.

Bye bye Ethan.

New Sprinter van seat

My dad worked over time to find us the perfect seat for our Sprinter Van. Joel installed it before he left for CA. Ethan, his working buddy had to be right in Joel's armpit as he was bolting the seat down...how else could he see what daddy was doing...

The boys are taking a break after all their hard work. The seat lays flat which is cool feature. Thanks for all of your running around dad. The seat is perfect!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our new rental in CA

Joel's friend in Santa Cruz took this picture for us when he when he looked at the house for us a few weeks ago. We're all curious about seeing the house for ourselves but Josh (Joel's friend) said it was in great shape. He did send some other pictures that I'll try to upload when I get them from Joel. It is only a mile and a half from Joel's work and the kids' school...and I guess it's close to riding and downtown Santa Cruz also. I liked that it has a backyard for the kids to play in. That was hard to find when we were looking. Joel should be there late Thursday or Friday. I'm curious what he'll think of our new home away from home.

Joel - on his way to CA

We pretty much packed the sprinter van front to back. . We are still surprised with how much stuff the van held. We originally thought we would need a small U-Haul trailer to tow behind the truck my parents will drive to CA in a few weeks but it's not necessary after packing everything in to the sprinter.

Ethan and Evie got a ride around the block from daddy before he started his trip to CA.

The kids giving daddy one last hug before he left. It was a rough good bye. The kids ran down the sidewalk crying for daddy. I have a feeling with everything that needs to happen before the kids and I go at the end of the month, these next three weeks will go by quickly.

The kids (our little monkeys) crawled all around the van as we were packing. I came into the garage to find them sitting on the forks of one of the bikes hanging.

My Punky Bruster

Evie nicely got herself dressed this morning. Ummmmm.....