Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chalk Cliff Fish Hatchery

We went to the Chalk Cliff Fish Hatchery today and the kids loved feeding the fish. Evie dropped her whole bucket in the water within the first few minutes and had a soggy bucket of food. Ethan insisted on playing with each handful of soggy food as he threw it in to the water...and of course he had to try tasting it...Gross!

I guess you can't see the fish unless you are swimming with them...

Ethan and Claudia are collecting rocks in their empty bucket.

Back at Sunshine Ranch...the kids love playing in the tree house and swinging

Claudia, Delphina and Evie in the tree house

Delphina had a great get dress-up clothes for the girls

We went to Salida in the evening to play in the water and go to Walmart. We ordered a new camera. With ours being soaked again unfortunately it just doesn't work well. I am super happy with our new one.

Cheese. The kids had so much fun in the water.

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