Sunday, January 16, 2011

Omaha Qwest center Train Show

My mom heard about the train show at the Omaha Qwest center this weekend and with Joel in AZ still, it was a good outing for the kids and I. My mom and dad joined us with Morgan, Maddie and Noah - my brother's three oldest kids. It was a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed the time with their cousins and grandma and grandpa. Grandma packed bags of trail mix for the kids. Ethan of course picked out all of his m&m's out immediately. She always thinks of something for the kids. (When we get together on Sunday nights at their house the kids look forward to grandma giving them an apple for the drive home)

I didn't know what to expect with the train show but it was pretty cool. Actually a lot of built up trains for the kids to look at. They had a Thomas train going with free rides for the kids and the line was over an hour long. I agreed with my dad that it would be better if he just built a track in their back yard. We didn't need to ride the train that bad.

Snack break...The concession line was not long - actually only 4 people in front of me but it took ridiculously long. I felt like I was in line at WalMart. We got up to the counter and they were out of hotdogs but as you can see, the kids are just as happy with a corndog. Just as we finished grandma and grandpa arrived with their cousins and it was off to see more of the show.

Mom, Evie, Noah, Maddie, Morgan and Ethan and I

Grandma and Ethan. Thanks to grandma Ethan gets a better look.

Some of the train scenery seemed so realistic.

And a late lunch at McDonalds on our way home.

Awww, look at that sweet couple.

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years Eve at the Children's Museum

It was a busy night at the Children's museum but the kids loved the energy. They enjoyed making pizza's. Evie is doing dishes.

Ethan is serving Joel pizza.

1,200 balloons behind the kids are ready to drop at 8:00pm

You can't beat party favors for entertainment

And there go the balloons. Pretty exciting times.

Watching the balloons come down. Joel being tall was able to grab some for the kids and the other's around us. Most of them went to the bottom floor which looked like total we avoided it.

Evie spelled her name out of rubber bands.

Ready I come.

Happy 2011

Sams Club

Joel is getting ready for his big press camp in AZ and stocked up on goodies for the camp. While he shopped the kids and I watched Shrek on a big screen.

Best seat in the house...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Evening at the Potters

Jessica and Bryce made it home for Christmas. They were sporting their fantastic Christmas sweaters.

Ethan and his buddies Jack and Joe

The kids are all so excited as they wait for grandma to pass out their presents.

Ethan and Joe

Perfect, grandma. Ethan and Evie are both into trains. Thanks grandma and grandpa.

Emma Finder has an amazing singing voice and sang a few Christmas songs for us. It was beautiful.

Merry Christmas

The kids decorated a plate to leave cookies for Santa. Our neighbor brought over brownies and when Evie took a bite of hers she said 'Santa would love this, can we leave him one?'. We did and left a few crumbs for Evie and Ethan to find in the morning.

Evie and Ethan's stockings from their grandma Ruthe, and presents from Santa.

Good morning - Merry Christmas.

Evie with a ring sucker on her new sleeping bag from grandma Ruthe

Grandma Joyce sent Ethan a pirate costume. He of course had to wear the patch and hold the sword immediately.

A scooter....Ethan has wanted one since the summer. He was pretty happy.

Woah, hold on - Ethan got a lightsaber.