Saturday, October 15, 2011

Evie's artwork

We bought Evie some oil pastels like she uses in her art class and she was so excited. She sat down and got right to work. About 15 minutes later she was asking me to come look at her drawing. I love the detail in her fancy drink. She said it was a coconut with a cherry and mango on the straw. Ethan scribbled on her drawing so she circled his scribbled and wrote the No Ethan with the arrow pointing to his scribble. Just to make sure I knew it wasn't part of her drawing.
His teachers say how perfect Ethan is in class. He never steals a toy or fusses or is ornery but to Evie, he can be so ornery sometimes that I find what they say hard to believe.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fireworks at the beach

We went to the beach Friday night for an evening school fundraiser with fireworks. This organization puts on this annual event for all the schools of SC to make money through raffle tickets and food, etc at the event. We just had dinner at the Good Shepherd school's booth and now we're on a mission for something sweet.

We stopped by home for a brief moment in-between art class and the event to grab warm clothes, etc and there was a care package at the door from my friend Amy. Among the other perfectly thoughtful goodies were these glow sticks which were perfect for the night. The kids had fun putting them together in the car on the way and by the time we got to the event it was dark. I don't think the gift could have been planned any better. Thanks Amy!!

It's getting late and Evie is getting really tired. She insists that she wants to say until 9:00 but she is fading. They are having fun with their glow sticks and eating sandy popcorn.

I'm not sure what the turnout number was but it seemed like there were a lot of people there. This is looking behind us, away from the water where the food venues are. We parked at the top of the big hill you see in the background. I am sooo proud of Evie and Ethan. They were so tired at the end of the night and they both trucked up it with out a complaint. We actually wound up watching the fireworks from the top of the hill. Evie was nearly asleep on the blanket and the fireworks were running really behind schedule. We made it to the top of the hill just as the fireworks started. We watched about 10 minutes before the kids said they wanted to go home. They were too tired to watch anymore. Poor things.

Ethan had fun burying his glow sticks and then finding them again.

It was getting cold so the kids had fun snuggling up.

The kids were asleep immediately as we started our drive. When we got home I opened Ethan's door and thought it was cute that he was asleep with his glow stick. They really had so much fun with them. The kids were so asleep that I brought them in and changed them into their jammies with out so much as a twitch. I was surprised with Evie. I had to take two layers off over her head and had to work to get her arms out of the sleeves and she never moved.

Sunday morning

The kids got to serve donuts at mass today and represent their school, Good Shepherd. They thought it was cool to wear their uniforms to church. I was proud of both of them. I was intimidated at first because I was solo with Joel still in France but the kids did amazing. Ethan stayed right there, anxiously waiting for his own donut and Evie was perfectly helpful handing out napkins and making small talk with the guests. When the first people came out of church she said "here come customers".

After mass we went for pancakes. Both kids were saying how starving they were which I found hard to believe since we ate breakfast before mass and they each had a donut but they were right. They cleared their plates and then some of mine. They each got balloons to take with them.

"mom, look...I have a holder for my sword"

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Daddy's home

Video: When daddy is on the teeter-totter with the kids it's a whole new ride.

Evie's Spanish song...

Video: Evie and Ethan are learning basic Spanish in school and Evie surprised me with this song one afternoon. We were on our way home from swimming and she said "mom, want to hear the song I learned at school". I was expecting one of her many other songs but not one in Spanish. She knew her numbers and a few words before but in addition to that they are learning colors, etc.