Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gold Rush Days - Buena Vista

My cousin Michelle and her family drove from Denver and joined us for the day. After mass on Sunday we walked downtown to check out the Gold Rush Days festivities. The kids are watching the start of the burro race which is a 13 mile trail run...with your burro.

And off they go...

Our next stop was lunch. We ordered K's and ate at the park.

Enjoying lunch in the shade. It's actually quite hot this morning.

Evie, Ethan, Elijah and Maggie top off lunch with an ice cream cone.

And we're off to check out the Gold Rush Days festivities...

Of course we had to stop to pet a puppy...

The kids had a lot of questions about the 'gun fight' performance. The guns were loud and a lot of people got shot...

The kids had fun playing in the water. Surprisingly nobody got soaked or fell in.

The bounce house was a Dalmatian puppy and just randomly when Evie was taking her shoes off a lady with a Dalmatian puppy walked by. She was pretty excited about that. Evie's cousin Maggie is in the doorway.

Elijah, Maggie and Evie

All Aboard...

Michelle and Bob

The kids played in the river while we anxiously waited for the duck race to begin. Basically one buys a rubber duck and then all of them are sent down the river and prizes are given to the first and last place duck. It was supposed to start at 2:30. We were already pushing it because it was close to nap time. At (what I thought was) 2:40 I went and asked someone when the race was going to begin. I was told "2:30". I said I believe it's 2:40 and she replied "no, it's 1:40". Turns out that Bob's phone randomly reset the time. Unfortunately, the kids wouldn't make it another hour so we left.

Ethan already has the 1,000 mile stare. He actually fell asleep in the car less than a mile into our drive home.
The kids fed the donkey's before walking back to the car

Evie and Maggie had fun running around in their dress-up dresses while we prepared a quick dinner before the Loops got on the road. Maggie and Evie play so well together. Maggie is a little dirty girl (like Evie) who isn't afraid to try anything...and of course she does it dressed up like a princess.

One try on the zip line and the kids were hooked. Elijah had as much fun chasing Maggie as he did riding himself.

Joel secretly picked up a cake while we were in Buena Vista to celebrate Michelle's birthday.

The kids helped put the candles in...

Everyone make a wish...


VIDEO: Train ride

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a fun day! We thought the county fair was the bomb (and it was pretty neat) but that festival makes it look boring! So glad you got to see Bob and Michelle; we got to see them at the family reunion. It's fun to see all of your pictures!