Friday, October 29, 2010

Roca Pumpkin Patch

The kids had so much fun at the pumpkin patch that we went back over the weekend. It was much busier than the middle of the week. They had more activities since it was the weekend though. Magicians, bounce house, pig races, pony rides, etc.

Still Evie's favorite: Candyland

It's all fun and games until...

The kids had fun in the bounce houses. Ethan outlasted Evie by about 20 minutes though. Joel took her to ride bikes shortly after this.

Ethan kept bouncing, and bouncing and bouncing...

Evie got to ride a pony named sugar.

Evie checking out the pig running by. She did a good job yelling for the pigs.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Feeding the Geese at Pioneers Park

We had a beautiful evening and Evie had a great idea..."lets go feed the Geese and have a picnic". I thought it was a great idea too.

The Geese were just waiting for us. There were so many and they were hungry.

The sunset was amazing. I would have loved to see it from the top of the hill but it would have taken those little legs an hour.

The fall colors were amazing. And the sunset made the colors just pop. Too bad the pictures just don't do it justice.
Moving onward...
We made it to the columns and thought it would be a perfect place for dinner but just as the kids sat down a lady said a wedding was going to be arriving in about 5 minutes. We walked up the hill a ways and found a bench. The kids enjoyed watching a bride and groom walk down the path to where we just were.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Roca Pumpkin Patch

Joel is home after a long trip to Taiwan. This evening, the weather was perfect for checking out the Roca Pumpkin Farm. A favorite for the kids.

The kids spent the first half hour running around the characters at the candy land.
Ethan was drawn to this Molasses Monster. He said "Uh Oh, poo poo mama" "yucky"

There were quite a few new things for the kids this year. This castle slide was one of them. It was a huge hit with Ethan. He ran up that hill and down the slide at least 10 times.

Yes, of course daddy had to check it out

Evie was trying to walk on top of the slide and took a huge tumble. She was covered in dry grass.
Ethan then thought he could roll down the hill also...

Evie of course loved princess frosteen

...and lord licorice

Ethan had the best ride. Joel's great idea after he realized there wasn't enough room on his lap for Ethan and pedal

Ethan could barely reach the pedals but he is a determined little guy. He did make it around the track by himself.

Evie is so drawn to scary Halloween stuff. She was too scared to go in (which I'm glad for. I didn't want her to be scared) but she couldn't stop looking at the haunted house and stepping inside the doorway.

A fun afternoon!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

last day at the zoo for the winter

It was a perfect fall day today so it's hard to believe it was also the last day the zoo is open until next spring. The kids love going to the zoo so I'm a bummed. Guess we'll have to make it to the zoo in Omaha more often this winter. Ethan loved his pony ride.

Ethan waited with Claudia while Evie and Delphina took turns on their pony ride.

Evie was all smiles

Ethan listening to what the groundhogs are up to

So 'Leo, the paper eating lion' is always a good way to clean the trash out my purse.

This little tree is next to Leo...and the sign hanging was cute. (see below) The tree didn't have any leaves on the lower branches. The kids were clearly feeding them to Leo.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Decorating for Halloween

The kids made ghosts to hang for Halloween. They loved going through the Halloween bin and looking at costumes and decorations.

Evie arranged the spiders for story time. Ethan's motorcycle dude is the lucky storyteller.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Evie the bride

Evie's monster chalk drawing happens to be wearing a wedding dress like she is...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meet and Shriek at the zoo

We're on our way to the zoo for a pre-Halloween party. The kids are both eating suckers. I didn't know there would be candy there. I just read that it would be games, etc. They had their share of candy today...

This was the first person dressed up for Halloween that Evie encountered when we go to the zoo. And she was way too much fun. She had so much energy - Evie was totally drawn to her.

This game the kids had to find the eyeball under the coffin as the lady in the M&M costume tried to fool them. We play this with Evie on our long plane flights and at restaurants so she seemed happy to play something familiar.

Ethan showing off his loot. A dentist office was giving away tooth brushes and toothpaste and healthy snacks. They loaded up the kids.

Evie and Ethan were showing their witch friend their loot. Ethan just does what ever Evie does.

Playing a bag toss

Evie and her cousin Claudia

The girls were playing hide and seek. They hid in this Egg and tried to quietly wait for Delphina to find them.

Oh, the Joy of being a kid. They were so excited when Delphina found them.

Evie touching the hissing cockroach.

Delphina burying Evie in the sand at the dinosaur dig. It was a good day. Perfect weather and the zoo wasn't too busy.