Sunday, January 31, 2010

Taichung Commonable Jianguo market

We're off to the Taichung Commonable Jianguo market by the train station. It's our favorite market. We started our morning at FM Station. Clarke leaves on Thursday and there is just so much to still show him...

Breakfast of champions...

And off to the market...

Anyone for tofu???

Now that's a traveling temple...

Guess he's not going for the pigs head this morning...

money people burn at the temples

having fun peeling just a few eggs

Unfortunately by the time we got to the tool side of the market we were pushing our lunch date with Dylan and Kate's family so we didn't have much time to look. I think the boys could have spent a few more hours tinkering. Where would you even start with inventory...

This man was selling sweet potatoes. I thought his brown pot looked cool. He also looked great for his age.

Joel has fun looking at all the old motorcycles.


  1. This is just amazing. I would love to stroll through one of these markets someday. I think I'd leave the pig's head, too. I read your tagline and had to look back up to see whether you were kidding--I didn't notice it the first time.

    The money people burn at temples, is that the money you sent back with Flat Stanley?

  2. I always love the pictures of the food and markets.
    I'd like to know who makes their scooters and what brands the old motorcycles are.