Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hong Kong

We are back in Taiwan from our vacation in Hong Kong. We stayed at the Butterfly Hotel which is in Kowloon. It is within walking distance to Kowloon park, metro stations and lots of restaurants and shopping. Most everyone was speaking English, which made our trip much easier. Evie enjoyed chatting to everyone especially kids at the parks. Our first morning we walked to Kowloon Park which was only a few blocks away from our hotel.

The kids had fun getting lost in the shrub maze

Ethan is trying to figure out how he can chase the flamingos

This tree is growing from the side of this huge stone wall
I thought the roots looked cool

Looking out from the entrance to the kids park. Just past the circular flower display is a huge swimming pool for kids that is as far left and as far right as you can see. It's only open in the summer unfortunately. It looked perfect for the kids with walk in entry to all the pools and lots of rocks for the kids to climb on, etc.

The park wasn't very busy but there were a few kids Evie had fun playing with. They were cleaning the park when we were there. Every piece of play structure was being wiped down by hand and someone was vacuuming up every leaf one by one. We went to the park on Saturday also while Joel was visiting a customer and the park was much busier.

We took the metro to a Gold Fish Market a few blocks away from Fa Yuen Street Market. The kids enjoyed looking at the fish. Ethan is giving Joel one of his huge bear hugs.

We stopped into a little restaurant at Fa yuen Street Market. Ethan is playing the drums on his chair with his chopsticks. Luckily he is cute and people like him - he gets away with way too much. You may have noticed he is wearing his soup also.
No one working at the restaurant spoke English and the menu was in Chinese which usually makes for difficult ordering but luckily the lady sitting next to us spoke English and helped us order. She was eating a pork curry noodle dish that we ordered that was fantastic.

Here is the owner saying goodbye. She hand makes wontons to order - which were fantastic!!! And the noodles are fresh - they are sitting on the shelf in the lower left of the picture

We walked through Fa Yuen Street Market on our way to the ladies market

A few blocks away from the Fa Yuen Street Market is the 'Ladies Market'. It was mostly clothing, accessories, toys and lots of tourist t-shirts, etc. Every two steps we heard someone say 'copy watch, copy handbags'...

We found this little shop (well one half was denim, the other half was animal undies for men and sexy nighties for ladies) Anyway, they had a lot of name brand jeans for a fraction of the US price
On our walk back to our hotel we stopped to watch these guys working on their bamboo scaffolding that was only tied together with twine and attached to the metal pedestrian gate near the street. I know bamboo is super strong but it looked sketchy. They are using bamboo scaffolding on the huge 15+ story buildings too.

After a rest at our hotel we walked to the peninsula to watch the sunset. It was a hazy day but the lights across the bay looked cool. A lot of them were decorated for Christmas.

Ethan is saying hello and making friends. He loved watching the boats also. He would yell 'boat' and point to everyone passing by.

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