Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tunghai University morning walk

We took a morning walk to the University to see the farm animals and wandered upon this blood drive festivity.

Ethan saw this young boy sitting and watching the fish so he sat and watched the fish too

chilling on a rock...

And here's Evie just bouncing down the trail

Checking out the cows

The kids enjoyed feeding the cows

This guy rode up on his bike while we were feeding the cows. We liked his little bike seat.

If you can believe it this mom spent a year in Lincoln, NE. Talk about a small world. She and her husband moved there while he went to the University in Lincoln and then they moved to AZ which is where she went to school and had their daughter, Angel. She said she liked the small town feel of Lincoln more than AZ but not the winters and she loved the Husker fever. Funny, huh.

VIDEO: Ethan and the cows...


  1. What a great family piture. I love it.

  2. How funny! Our kids love cows, too. What is it, anyway? Anytime that Isaiah hears the words 'Uncle Emil' he says, "Uncle Emil has cows."