Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy 41st Birthday Joel

Happy Birthday to Joel. He turned 41 today. Well, on the 7th...I'm behind on my postings. He said for his birthday morning he would like to go to FM Station and have croissants and coffee. No complaints here.

The kids were anxiously waiting to go in. We said wait by the door and somehow they restrained themselves and waited by the door.

I don't know if we have ever been to FM Station when they didn't have croissants but somehow this morning of all mornings they didn't have them ready. We sadly saw them on the baking rack ready to go in the oven but nothing for birthday boy.

The cup reads:
A fresh & morning way to start your day. FM Station, your neighborhood corner station for cake & coffee. Wonderful life.
Talk about a fresh and morning way to start my day...

The kids and I had fun decorating the door for Joel to see when he got back from the factory. Evie colored all her own pictures...even the birthday cake with the number 41 on it. She wrote it all by herself. I was pretty proud of her.

We are on our way to FM Station (again) to pick up Joel's birthday cake. Ethan is standing on a parking block in the garage. Someone uses a remote to lower the gate so no one parks in their spot.

I suppose every parent has been there..when you ask your child to get dressed and they say they are "ready" but when you look at them you're not sure what to think. You want to be proud that they dressed them self but not quite sure about letting them leave the house dressed like that...Well, today I told Evie I was proud and then we marched out the door...

Oh, the anticipation of standing in the check out makes me want to squeeze my own face...

Dylan and his fiance Kate made a fantastic birthday dinner for Joel in their NEW kitchen. It's the first time they had cooked in their kitchen which was just completed a few days prior. Kate did the design for the kitchen also. Both of them (and Dylan's mom) put so much time and effort into making the dinner absolutely perfect. They thought of everything possible from tableware special for the kids, dishes specially prepared for the kids and spicy for Joel, multiple dink options, and desert.

Evie flaunting her chopsticks

Just a few of the dishes prepared; Pork, fish, sausage and special for the kids, shrimp. Evie and Ethan's favorite.

Preparing Joel's birthday cake

Happy 41st Birthday Joel

I hope all your wishes come true.
Thanks again to Dylan and Kate for a wonderful dinner and making Joel's birthday so special.


  1. I thought Evie's chopsticks were scissors for a minute!! Then I thought, "Whoa, Carrie's brave to grab the camera while Evie's holding scissors to her long, beautiful hair!" Then I realized that I'm just silly and those are chopsticks!

    Love the bare-cheeks shots of Ethan. It's so cute when they're two! Isaiah also walks around in our shoes if they're available to him.

    Evie's outfit is cute. When I ask the kids to get dressed, I grin and bear it when they're mismatched. Maddie was always the best at making sure her clothes did NOT match. But she was cute anyway and I rarely asked her to change. If I did, it was always because it was waaaaaay outrageous or weather-inappropriate or we were heading to church or somewhere else that I felt it actually mattered. Good call, letting her go! It's so cute when little girls dress themselves; they always pick their favorite things and put them together, regardless of color. I LOVE it and I'm almost sad that stage is over (temporarily).

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOEL!! The meal looks absolutely delicious and I'm glad that he had a special day!!

  2. Yes...Happy Birthday Joel! Too bad about your croissants but it looks like you had a great time!
    Ethan is so funny...I laughed so hard at that!