Thursday, January 14, 2010


I thought you might find this interesting since it is very different than how the US mourns someone who has passed.

Probably a hundred signs like this line the streets sharing information about the woman who has passed. (May God bless her soul).

This tent is in front of the woman's home. It is where her memorial will take place when it does, which depends on the Chinese calender. Usually the mourning is about 15 days but it could be longer according to the calender. This memorial was already almost 4 weeks long.

The food is for her now that she has passed

How big the memorial is depends on how old the person was that died and how much money they have. A memorial would be smaller for a child or a middle aged person and much larger for an elderly person.


  1. Where does all the food go once the memorial is taken down?

  2. That is amazing. Do they do that for everyone?

  3. different than us. It's great to see how different their culture is even if it's just through your blog.