Monday, January 11, 2010

Last morning in Hong Kong

Well, it's our last morning in Hong Kong and we are out for a morning walk before heading to the airport.

We walked to the pier. It was a crisp and foggy morning.

Ethan and Evie had fun running. Evie just grabbed his had and said "come on Ethan, lets go"...

...and away they ran...

Our hotel was the Butterfly Hotel. You can see the sign on your left above the red taxi.

Poor Joel, he got food poisoning last night. Not a good thing to start a day of travel with...

Heading down...I thought the elevator doors were cool.

In Hong Kong they drive on the wrong side of the road. Evie said 'mom, he's driving where you sit'

Evie, being her goofy little self for the camera

Ethan saying 'I got it'.

This cool bridge was newly opened only a week ago. Our taxi driver said it was the first time he has driven on it. He also said it is the longest in the world now for this type of suspension bridge.

We are also getting ready to drive through a long tunnel under the mountain you see. Evie thought that was cool.

Just arriving to the airport

We stopped at the food court for lunch and for the most part it is similar to the US. The minor difference is the food choices. This restaurant offered A Thousand-year Egg with Meat Ball Congee Set (Congee is like rice soup). The prices are in HK dollar which is about 9 to our dollar

We did have lunch at Burger King and we did enjoy having it "our" way, what every that was...

I was tempted to have the whole duck entree from this restaurant but opted for Burger king at the last minute...

The kids had fun playing in the kids area before we boarded our plane

Ethan's new thing is to say 'look at me' when he is doing something. He held his position long enough not only to say cheese but to say look at me.

And yes, Evie has been hanging out at the wind tunnel near gate A9

And there is my big boy. He did great on the flight. I'm hoping he'll be a good little traveler like Evie is. He has a bit to learn from her though.

We made it back to Taiwan in one piece and all luggage is accounted for. Unfortunately we got to our car and the battery was dead. After an exhausting journey Joel found someone that worked at the airport to jump our car. The language obstacle can be quite challenging at times so we are luckily everyone is so friendly and really tries to be helpful. It did feel good to be back in Taiwan - a bit like home, where we can unpack and get settled into our routine again.


  1. Wow, how different it is there. I'm always so glad to see your pictures!

    Good observation, Evie! I wonder what our kids would think of driving on the opposite side of the road? I wonder if they'll ever see it with us. :) I don't know if I'd be brave enough to do the driving in an opposite-side country, though. I think I'd either be really stressed out or forget altogether which is which and which side is what and I'd crash. ;)

    So there's my pregnant rambling brain for you on a Tuesday morning. :)

  2. Carrie - thank you for keeping us updated. It's a relief to sign-on and see everyone is ok. I can't believe I missed your two phone calls to me this weekend...after the first one, I kept my phone with me constantly but then Joel called when I was riding Sunday. Darn!!! But I talked to Mom right after you called her and she said all is good : )