Saturday, January 9, 2010


Before we left for Taiwan we told Evie we were going to go to Disneyland in Hong Kong. She has been so excited and patiently waiting for a month now. Today is finally 'her' day.

We took the metro. Just before our Disneyland stop is this cemetery that I thought looked interesting.

Poor Ethan, he has had a rough few days dealing with food poisoning. We debated whether or not to bring him but it worked out great. He had a good time and was mellow for a change, which was a nice break for me.

We are on the Disney metro now...we're almost there Evie!

I wasn't sure what to expect the park to be like but I didn't expect it to look just like the US. If it weren't for the people working there and the occasional signage you would never know that you are not in the US.

The entrance into the park

The first characters we saw were Minnie and Mickey

Here comes the marching band down main street USA, yes it's actually called main street USA.

I wish I could see Evie this excited every day. She is just giddy.

If you can believe it, there is NO crowd. We went on a Monday after New Year's weekend and it was super quiet with no lines. I didn't expect to go to Disneyland to get a break from the congestion of the city.

Evie had her deer in a headlight look on every ride. I love her innocence.

It's time to fly with Dumbo.


Ethan and I could see Evie and Ethan directly across from us

Merlin the Wizard had a fun time with Evie

She had a fun time with him too...

Awe, Rudolf is just Ethan's size.

Honestly, the mountains look like they could be in So Cal

It's a small world, here we come. Ethan stepped into this picture but they didn't mind. They kept telling him to smile and look at the camera

Evie found Alice in Wonderland by the teacup ride. When we walked away she said 'by Alex'

We are gearing up for a 3D adventure in Mickey's magic theater.

The show was actually pretty cool. When Mickey baked a pie the theater smelled like pie and when the instruments played gusts of air blew into the theater, etc.

Laurie, this picture of Beaker is especially for you

Hi Evie.

The Buzz Light Year ride was fantastic. It was an interactive lazer guns ride...

...Ethan totally dug shooting his lazer gun

One of the many street performers. The park did a good job keeping you entertained as you walked through. There was always a band or a performer doing a trick, etc,

A happy moment with Pluto

And with Goofy

And finally, it was time to meet the princesses. Evie just loves talking to them. I think they got a kick out of her too. Belle is playing with Evie's braids.

Evie was telling the princesses her name is Boden. Joel and I can't figure out where she got the name but she has stuck with it and has called herself Boden for the past few days now.

Tarzan's tree house. It was at this point we decided not to take the ferry over to the island but to call it a good day and make our way back to the hotel. It was a good day too.

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  1. The universal appeal of Disneyland is amazing!