Saturday, January 23, 2010

A visit from the Wilde's

We had a visit from the Wilde's today. The Wilde's live in Canada but visit family in Taiwan once a year. We are lucky that our trips happen to be the same time of the year. It has been fun to build our friendship so many miles apart and also see Edward grow and change over the visits as well. He is a sweet little boy and only 5 months older than Ethan.

The guys went to the factory to shoot photos and the kids and Jesse and I went to Metropolitan Park. It was a perfectly warm day.

The kids had fun feeding the ducks. I think they eat more bread than the ducks though.

Ethan and Edward had fun tickling their bellies with flowers.

Edward and Ethan were cute together. They are sharing leaves...

...and a hug

Jesse and Edward

Evie was throwing leaves up in the air and letting them fall on her head. She had so many leaves tangled in her already tangled hair.

After lunch Ethan and Edward took a nap while Jesse and I got to catch up. It was a nice treat to have visitors. Usually when Joel is at the factory it's just the kids and I.

Cute little Edward.

When the guys got back from the factory the kids were ramped to see their daddy's. Stephen is helping the boys into their XXL helmets.

Pictures like this make me realize how big my baby girl is. She looks so long here. Clarke and Dylan flew Evie countless times in the air. She is heavy too! She has no idea what kind of a work out she gave them. (or the backache either)

Edward and Ethan. Edward is using so many words. It's fun to think that in a short time Ethan will be having conversations like Edward also. Hopefully.
Ethan with his Nerf gun launchers stuck to his forehead.

Too cute; Edward and Stephen are off on a motorcycle ride

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