Thursday, January 7, 2010


We saw big groups of ladies gathered like this a few times and Joel asked someone about it and they said that they are nannies and their families wanted them out of the house for the holiday and they have nowhere to go. Sad, huh. However, they all looked so happy as they looked like they were among friends.

We enjoyed lunch at the pork curry noodle place so much that we made a special trip there for lunch. It was so challenging today though. Unfortunately no one spoke English in the restaurant today and as embarrassing as it is we still don't speak Chinese. We really wanted the same dish we had the other day so after exhausting our sign language and poor Chinese efforts Joel found someone passing by the restaurant that spoke English who helped us order.

Ethan is enjoying his soup

Evie is a great eater. She manages with her chopsticks pretty well now and often surprises me with what she is daring enough to try. She had a small squid in her fried rice the other night and asked what it was, when we told her it was squid she just looked at it and then ate it.

This is what brought us's basically a fried pork chop in a spicy curry broth with fresh noodles...yummy.
Oh, and these too...fresh and perfectly fried Wontons. fantastic!!

When we left the restaurant the owner handed me this. It would have been helpful in ordering next time but we never made it back.

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