Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gao Mei Beach

We went to Gao Mei Beach with Clarke, Dylan and his fiance Kate. It's not what you might think when I say 'beach'. The ocean is at least a mile out from the beach and the beach is more like marshy grass lands. It's perfect for the kids and quite beautiful

The water level is about an inch, just perfect for the kids to be able to run and splash and the ocean is far enough away the kids can run until they get tired and we don't have to worry about them drowning or getting lost...

Clarke, soaking it all in

Evie's not afraid to get dirty. Only a few seconds after her little feet touched the water she was busy digging and covering herself with mud.

Ethan took a more timid approach, testing the water and digging his little toes in the mud before really going for it...
He got brave enough to splash but didn't like the water and mud hitting his face...at first. He quickly got over it and just had fun splashing and getting wet

Ethan is watching and learning from his big sister.

There were lots of cool little crabs and boy they were fast

Dylan and Kate

Ethan stopped playing to watch the motorcycle drive by...yes, a motorcycle

And there he goes...

Clarke and Dylan

Ethan had fun getting his hands buried by Dylan

One last look at the sunset

All cleaned up and tuckered. I was surprised they didn't fall asleep on our drive home.

A look back at the sunset as we all piled into the Matiz


  1. That is just beautiful. I'm so glad you posted those pictures; I enjoyed looking at them! The windmills remind me of the fields in eastern Iowa. This is much prettier, though. ;)

  2. I love that Evie can be a girlie girl and then get all dirty in the mud too.
    Ethan is just too funny checking out the moto going by.