Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lantau Island

On the metro again and on our way to Lantau Island to take a gondola ride or as Evie would call it "granola ride"

Ethan loves sitting side saddle on Joel's s shoulder and yells 'I got it' as he holds onto his head. We get a big laugh out of it.

Joel plays along. He will ask Ethan 'you got it?' and Ethan will hug tighter and reply 'I got it'.

The courtyard just outside the Tung Chung metro stop

Ethan is showing me his bellybutton. I'm happy to take a look.

Here we go...up, up, up

Luckily the kids aren't afraid of heights

We are going over and beyond the mountain you see to the left.

I believe that straight ahead in the distance is mainland China

When we left our hotel it was a super clear and sunny day. Go figure it's totally socked in as we take our gondola ride. It was still fun of course but I hear the view is spectacular.

You might be able to catch a faint glimpse of a returning gondola

Arriving at Po Lin monastery

The kids had fun playing on the holiday gondola

We are about to climb a lot of steps to see a big Buddha

Buddha was hiding in the fog but still waved hello

And down we go...

The sheer quantity and size of the incense looked cool

Evie was really curious and wanted to watch as ladies burned their fake paper money

Big Buddha is on the hill you see
This whole tree is fake. It looks so real. It is a wishing tree

And it's lunch time. The food was quite good too.

A quick look back at Buddha as we leave the restaurant and make our way back to the gondola


  1. Wow...what an adventure for all of you. It looks so different there!

  2. How amazing is that!? The bold colors always catch my eye. How pretty! The Henry Doorly Zoo just finished their Gondola. I promised the kids a ride in the spring. Can't wait!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. It's so pretty there! I love seeing all of the different ways that people live, worship, and decorate. I'm always glad for your explanations, too!