Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Taroko National Park

Good morning. How about this beautiful view to wake up to...

The house on the top of the hill is where we stayed. The driveway was so steep we weren't sure the Matiz would make it. We were out on a early morning walk with our early risers. Joel had already been out this morning with Ethan while I snoozed a bit longer with Evie.

A view out the car window on our way to Taroko National Park

Yeah, Clarke.

And here is Ethan's squeezable face

Mr. Squishy

The boys; Dylan, Joel and Clarke

Dylan, Kate, Hot Mama and Rich

The girls; Kate, Carrie and Hot Mama

It was quite the traffic jam getting to the lookout spot at Taroko National Park. We finally parked the car on the side of the road and walked to the top. The Matiz needed a rest also.

Joel and Clarke. Poor Clarke, he just left Nebraska who is getting pounded with snow this winter and he gets to hang out in snow his first weekend in Taiwan.

We enjoyed lunch with Kate's family before checking out the Chingjing sheep farm

Hot mama and Clarke share the same birthday; January 16th.

Ethan, Evie and Joel are off to the races...

Hot mama

Kate's brother and sister-in-law

Kate and Dylan

Chilling in the sun waiting for a performance to start

The performance was quite entertaining. We were going to feed the sheep afterwards but the kids were pretty tired. It had already been a long day. Fun, but long. Ethan fell asleep on our walk back to the car.

This cow won the competition for drinking his bottle of milk the fastest. Check out the video at the end of the post

And a little sheep herding for ya. It was actually impressive how quickly the dog corralled the sheep up and down the hill. I need lessons with my kids...

Most of the performance the kids were rolling around in the dirt and sliding down the hills..

Just a cool bridge on our way down the mountain

VIDEO: Entertainment at the sheep farm

VIDEO: Happy snow day at the top of Taroko National Park

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