Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kenstone Factory Year End Party

We went to the Kenstone Factory New Year party and as always it was an evening full of karaoke, interesting food and booze. The kids had fun dancing.

Mr. Roy from Shimano. He was seated at our table and surprised us with his fantastic karaoke voice. Turns out he is in a band.
We are pictured with Clarke and the president & owner of the Kenstone factory.

And for the interesting food...
And wine from California of all places

Crab, corn, asparagus and beansprouts topped with mayo and sprinkles. Ethan tried to pick the sprinkles out of the mayo...yummy! It was hard to watch since I don't care for mayo.

Seafood soup

Clarke and Ethan

Eive and Colleen (the owner's daughter). Evie has no stage fright.

Ethan wasn't sure about going on stage but since Evie was on stage it must be okay, right?

Evie, Colleen and a production manager at Kenstone


  1. How was Joel the next morning? Did he get to toast each table?

  2. Now that food looks good...Seafood!!! Except for the mayo...I agree with Carrie. Maybe on a sandwich : )