Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Clarke & Hot Mama

We had a fantastic weekend away in Puli to celebrate Kate's mom's 50th birthday. Kate is Dylan's fiance. We didn't know what to expect of our weekend as it was planned by Kate's family but everything turned out better than we could have expected. The most fun was spending time with Kate's parents who were very nice and quite fun.

Ethan loves to put his sticky finger prints all over our glasses

This is the bed and breakfast we stayed at compliments of Kate's family. The view was so beautiful.

We had a rare surprise to see a Solar Eclipse. It is hard to see the circle of color around the sun but Kate's dad took some fantastic pictures with his big-daddy camera. He said he would e-mail us the pictures. I'll re-post them if he does.


Evie has been patiently waiting for cake since this afternoon. Ethan went to bed a half hour ago and Evie who was almost falling asleep at the table said she's not tired, she can wait for cake. She brought the cakes in to show Clarke and Hot mama (the nick name for Kate's mom who is pretty)

Happy Birthday to Hot mama who turns 50 and Clarke who turns 32. Evie tipped the boxes a bit when she was carrying them so they are a little beat up. Beautiful none the less. Dylan did a good job picking them out.

The gang. Kate is in the purple coat in the front. This is her family; one sister and one brother who is married and expecting his first child soon.

We found out that Kate's mom has a fantastic voice when she started in on Karaoke. Check out the video at the end of this post. The evening was fun. The way the hotel was situated we were able to put the kids to bed and join everyone for a few shots of whiskey, followed by lots of tea and munchies. It felt like Joel and I were on a date (and young again).

VIDEO: Ethan alone in the car with out Evie...

VIDEO: Hot mama singing karaoke


  1. Looks fun!

    You've been busy! I can see I've got some catching up to do. This will be good reading material for nap time today! :)

  2. Wow. We are so thankful you have got to see so much of the world. It is a beautiful place (even the snow). I've felt like I've been living in a snow globe. The trees here are so pretty covered with ice crystals after the morning fog.