Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dad's 64th Birthday Party

The family usually gets together at my parent's house on Sunday evenings but this Sunday my mom was just coming back into town from a long weekend of helping make meals for 70 girls at a youth church camp. We took the opportunity have the Sunday get together at our place and celebrate my dad's 64th birthday.

Mom and Aubrey holding baby Louis

From right: The birthday boy next to his sister Elaine who lives in Dwight and my mom's brother Emil who lives in Ceresco.

Say cheese. Morgan, Delphina, Clare, Claudia and Evie

From left: Jeremy, mom, Aubrey, Jan (Aubrey's mom) and Joel

Delphina (as Minnie Mouse)


Morgan, Maddie, Delphina and Clare

It's always fun to see the creative ways the kids play. They have quite the imaginations. The pashmina is always a favorite when the kids play dress up. It's the shawl Morgan is wearing. It was a gift Evie's grandma Joyce brought with her from California when she stayed with us when Ethan was born.


Time to make a wish. Dad let Evie and the other grandkids help blow out the candles.

An excited group of kids eating cake

My mom had a great idea for dad's birthday gift and my sister Laurie made it happen. Laurie organized a picture collage with all the grandkid's footprints.

Laurie, Clare and Louis. We missed Kevin, Gabriel and Anderson who weren't able to make it.

Jeremy and mom giving Isaiah a good run around the tables

Grandma giving Ethan a ride on Evie's run bike

Louis is quite the smiler

Just the present I always wanted...

Ethan is chowing scraps from under the kid's table.

VIDEO: Ethan is cleaning up under the kids table. Gross, I know.

VIDEO: The kids always have fun with uncle Jeremy

VIDEO: The kids were running, walking, riding and skipping around the tables. Oh what fun to be a kid.


  1. Awesome! I'd love to get these from you sometime!

  2. Hi Carrie,
    It's fun to see how the Potter family has grown with so many beautiful kids! I also enjoy seeing Lincoln through your posts.

    --Sara (Pleskac) Keshk