Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dad's birthday celebration at Pawnee Lake

We went to Pawnee Lake to celebrate dad's 64th birthday. Joel rode his bike to the lake and met us there. Ethan was especially happy to see Joel because he knows he has a water bottle on his bike. The first thing he did when Joel rode up was get a drink. I don't think he was even thirsty, he just wanted to play with daddy's water bottle.

Just chilling - Evie, Delphina and Claudia

Isaiah and Ethan having fun with Noah's helmet.

Ethan, soaking in all the action

Grandpa Potter and Noah get the briquettes ready for grilling hot dogs and marshmallows.

Evie and Joel cruising around the campground.

Four little monkeys in the tree. They actually sounded pretty good.

Grandma Potter is taking some of the kids on a walk just before dinner.

Tonight was one of those nights that Evie and Claudia were the best of buds. They walked hand in hand, arm in arm...and...

...just ran and had fun together.

Grandma is picking gooseberries for everyone while they look over the bridge at the creek below.

Noah got everyone excited about the toad he saw...until one of them screamed 'spider'. You should have seen how quickly they were on their feet and off the bridge.

Claudia and grandma on our way back to the campsite for dinner.

Mandy and dad starting the chow line.

weenies anyone...

Mandy and the girls stayed to camp with my dad and Noah. We were all in awe and quite impressed with how quickly Mandy's tent went up.

Ethan loves being on a bike, trike or anything that moves. He is watching the fire at the moment.

Grandma and Ethan. He was pretty excited when he was telling her something. I sure wish I knew what he was saying. Soon enough I suppose.

Ethan out for another ride.

It's finally marshmallow time. The kids waited quite patiently for the time to come. I don't know how they didn't have belly aches because they all ate more marshmallows than they could count.

Noah is busy loading his stick

Claudia looked away for a moment and Ethan, being the food mooch he is, chowed one of her marshmallows. You'll have to check out the video at the end of the post.

Joel, crossing it up at the lake view campground.

Ethan was playing peek-a-boo behind the bushes. All the kids have such a great time at the lake. What a fun birthday dad!

I think Louis liked all the commotion too. He was pretty busy watching all the action.

VIDEO: Ethan snaking Claudia's marshmallow

VIDEO: Ethan was pretty proud of himself for climbing up on the parking stop and jumping off. The first few times were great and then I tried to take video and he didn't want to do it again...

VIDEO: Ethan and Evie dancing and Evie kind of falling off the bench

VIDEO: Ethan is working so hard to get on the picnic bench. He has done now about 20 times and is finally getting tired.

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