Sunday, July 12, 2009

We're off to Colorado

We're off to Colorado to the Smith family home for a week or two so Joel can do some bike testing. With Nebraska being so flat it's kind of his chance to test plus it's a nice time away from the heat and humidity of Lincoln this time of year.

One of our favorite stops on our drive is to swim in the Platte River in Brady, NE. The Platte crosses just off the Brady exit. The River is shallow so the water is usually warm and the the bed is sandy so the water is clear. We all love it. By the time we get back in the car the kids are usually ready for a good nap too.

Ethan, happy to be out of the car!

Just a 'few' swallows nests

Soooo high..
Joel was pretending to be a monster with some moss and it totally scared Ethan...

...poor little Ethan!

The kids got a kick out of the tadpoles. There were hundreds.

The shallow water was just perfect for Ethan. After he calmed down he wasn't scared of the moss either...

Ethan and daddy do some exploring

And it's Evie's turn to drag the moss around for awhile

Evie, having fun with daddy

Ethan loved grabbing a handful of sand and then he so generously gave me a pinch at a time

We are back in the car and the kids are asleep. Joel and I are enjoying the peace and quite and some beautiful Nebraska roadside.

We made it to Fort Morgan for dinner and some playtime at the park. Back in the car, we are enjoying a beautiful sunset as we head to Denver for the night. The mountains are just off in the distance. A sure sign that we are getting close.

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