Thursday, July 16, 2009

Buena Vista Parade

The Rodeo is in town and they had a special parade which we of course couldn't miss.

Granny on her tractor...we are at a parade in Buena Vista after all....

Along with lots of candy people also hand out icee's to the kids.

Soaking it all in

What would a parade be with out the Shriner's...

After the parade we headed to the park by way of train track, of course.

Ethan was crawling around in a patch of clovers and to my surprise my day got even luckier...

We played at the park while we waited for Joel to finish his ride and meet us there. He road the Colorado trail from the house all the way to town.


Daddy surprised Ethan when he came down from the slide.

We enjoyed lunch at K's. It's a good mix between dairy queen and a greasy-spoon.

A view of the chalk cliffs as we head up the driveway

To our surprise we saw antelope as we started up the driveway.

The water was shut off at the canal and on Joel's way down the driveway on his bike he saw trout swimming in the water. On our way home from town we stopped to catch dinner.

The kids got such a kick out of the fish. I took some videos but had my camera on the wrong setting so the video's are super small. Anyway, you will get the idea...

Joel, not having so much fun doing the dirty work but dinner tasted great.

VIDEO: Ethan and Evie and their new trout friends

VIDEO: Evie says 'the water's not coming out of there' and she is referring to the water in the culvert which is where we went tubing a few days ago.

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  1. I love Evie's "I want to squeeze it" comment about the fish in the first video. Too funny!