Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Aunt Aubrey's splash park

Well, today was 100.6 degrees and my sister-in-law Aubrey hosted a morning of running through the sprinklers. The kids took a great nap this afternoon, thanks Aubrey. Ethan is checking out the kids running around the yard. He keeps eyeing the sprinkler but hasn't mustered up the courage just yet.

Clare - now that's cooling off

Ethan was finally daring enough to approach the sprinkler.

Noah, giving Anderson a good ride on the swing

Aubrey and Isaiah are getting ready for the sprinkler to come around again.

Anderson and Noah

Delphina and Clare

Isaiah and Ethan played so well together in the sandbox.

Boys will be boys. There was some where to get dirty and they found it. It was a bit surprising that Evie wasn't in there too considering how much she loves to get dirty but she found the Potter's huge bin of Polly Pockets, her favorite.


  1. What fun! I love looking down on those beautiful little blond heads in the sandbox!