Monday, July 13, 2009

One night in Denver...

Joel made hotel reservations using hotwire and randomly our hotel was The Oxford, Denver’s first and oldest hotel. It opened its doors in 1891. It is Located in the heart of LoDo and a half-block from Union Station. We really enjoyed downtown Denver - it seems like a good mix of old and new.

The lobby of the hotel from the 2nd floor balcony.

Union Station, just out the door from our hotel.

The scale of the building was quite impressive. The benches were so thick and tall. Evie looked so small sitting on them.

It may seem quiet but just to the right of the picture is a long line of passengers waiting to get their luggage.

Here is an old train bridge converted into a pedestrian bridge. The one you see to the right of it is still working. Union station is just a few blocks down to the right.

Ethan is pretending his box of raisins is a telephone. He is having a good conversation with some lucky listener.

We are heading to Starbucks for breakfast, located in the REI building (the big brick building you see in the picture) and then to the aquarium.

Breakfast is served... Joel had some fancy oatmeal and the kids and I enjoyed muffins.

Actually, the pigeons enjoyed our muffins also...

The Denver Aquarium. I took this picture on our way out...luckily we didn't have to wait in that long line you see. Our kids are early risers (most days that's unfortunate) so we were were hanging around for a bit waiting for it to open.

The kids didn't mind just hanging out. There were bubble machines, a park nearby and a bounce house just waiting for us.

My little minnow...

Upon entering the Aquarium we were greeted by a diver cleaning one of the exhibits. Ethan waved to him no less than 10 times. He would walk away a few steps but head right back. The diver was so cool and just kept waving back...

Ethan found himself a little seat one exhibit over from the diver. Needless to say we weren't rushing through the Aquarium...

This stingray is suctioned to the glass aquarium - isn't it just sooooo crazy-weird looking?

Evie was pretty excited to see 'NEMO'.

The kids enjoyed the touch tanks. Ethan could have hung out there all day splashing water and trying to eat starfish...
Ethan was pretty curious at the stingray exhibit.
It was just about time to feed the Stingrays but we didn't stay - it was time to feed ourselves...
After lunch we went to REI and then played in the river. The water was cold but the kids didn't mind. Evie found a little buddy and played on the rocks and in the sand until we left.

This was the last picture I took before I accidentally soaked my camera in the river. Yes, what a total drag! I let it dry out for a few days and to my surprise it works better than I thought it would. The pictures still look like water is on the lens, but not bad. I was able to take all the photos from our past few days off the camera, which I was happy about. We did go to the Children's Museum the next day but with no camera I have no pictures to post. The kids had a great time and I would highly recommend it to anyone traveling to Denver!


  1. How cool! I forgot how beautiful Denver is. I was going to be so smart and say, "Hey, I saw REI back there!" and then you labeled it. I haven't been there for a long time!

  2. ...and I'm so glad that your camera started working again! Yippee!