Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chalk Cliffs Fish Hatchery

We went to the fish hatchery today and to our surprise it was soooo much cooler than we expected. When we arrived we were greeted by a volunteer who showed us around the visitor center, gave us a few buckets of fish food and directed us on our way around the grounds. The Chalk Cliffs Fish Hatchery annually raises about 700,000, ten-inch rainbow trout! Fish are raised in concrete raceways and seven dirt ponds on about 60 acres.

Ethan knew exactly what to do. He grabbed big handfuls of food and cocked his hand back as if he were throwing a baseball. The best part is he would hold his hand behind his head long enough for most of the food to fall out of his hand and down his shirt before throwing it.

There were a few dead fish to be found near the raceways. Evie quickly grabbed a nearby stick to poke at the fish. She is certainly curious.

A view of the raceways

It is hard to show the multitude of fish in a single picture. (You'll have to check out the video clip at the end of the post).

Ethan enjoyed dragging his bucket around. He collected lots of rocks, sticks and weeds.

When we were on our walk back to the entrance Evie asked Joel if he would carry her because she was so tired. We didn't expect to stay so long and it was well past afternoon nap time. Ethan fell asleep within a few minutes on our drive home.

VIDEO: Joel and the kids feeding the fish


  1. Crazy how many fish there are!

  2. Holy cow, those fish are crazy! I didn't know that there was a fish farm up there for trout. Trout are YUMMY!