Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A visit from the Loops

We started our morning with a beautiful full rainbow (by the time I grabbed my camera this half was pretty faint. You can just see the bottom towards the lower middle left of the picture)

The second half shown on the chalk cliffs. Ethan is chasing me around in his PJ's.

We had another treat today - a visit from my cousin Michelle and her family who live in Denver. We went to mass in Buena Vista together, had some lunch and then went to St. Elmo to feed the chipmunks. Joel rode from the house and we met him on the road a few miles from St. Elmo. Unfortunately we had a bit of rain on our drive which meant Joel got rained on during his ride. Just after we passed him on the road he said he got hailed on.

The chippers are well fed at St. Elmo. Joel said he can remember feeding them when he was a kid.
Cute little Maggie.

The gang; Joel and Ethan, Elijah, Michelle, Evie and Maggie

Elijah had good luck with the chippers. He definitely had more patience than the younger kids

After Ethan stopped trying to catch the chippers he chilled out to snack on their food...

The Loops; Maggie, Bob, Michelle and Elijah

Despite the rain we decided to walk down to the river and throw a few rocks in the water.

It was a quick trip but the thunder and lightning scared us off. The Loops headed back to Denver as well. It was past nap time for the kids (and it's always easier to travel with sleeping kids). The kids played so well together. Evie had such a good day playing with her cousins the next morning she woke up and said "I was looking for my friends but I can't find them"

Elijah and Bob

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