Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Claudia, with some sass in her step, is ready for our annual neighborhood 4th of July parade to start. It was an extra special 4th of July this year as my brother Jeremy and his wife Aubrey announced some good news that they are expecting baby #5. Congratulations again Potters!

Dad, Ethan and I

Evie, sporting her bike decorated by daddy.

Evie's cousins Delphina, Gabirel and Clare are leading the parade behind the firetruck.

Dad gave Ethan a ride while I ran ahead to take a few photos

Jeremy and Isaiah.


At the end of the parade the firemen let the kids take turns turning on and off the fire hose. The kids always enjoy getting soaked even for an unusually overcast and cool 4th.

Clare taking a turn soaking kids

Maddie, Morgan and Noah run through the water. Jeremy had a great idea to dress the kids in their swimsuits under their clothes.

Even Grandma and Ethan took a turn running through the water

Gabriel taking a turn. He is such a sweet boy!

This is Mr. July in the fireman's calendar....

Mandy and I, chaperoning our kids at the snack table.

Joel and Ethan

Clare, Delphina and Evie loading up on snacks.

The Clark family; Kevin, Anderson, Clare, Laurie, Louis (snoozing) and Gabriel.

The Tabors; Delpina, Mandy and Claudia

After the parade we had lunch at our place. My mom and dad celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary at the end of the month. To me they still act like newlyweds.

Gabriel (in Evie's Dorothy wig) and Evie (in her Dorothy dress)

Delphina, Morgan and Maddie are having a little picnic.

Jeremy and dad.

Ethan, under the kids table, once again cleaning up the fallen scraps.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEREMY AND MANDY! Mandy's birthday is on July 5th and Jeremy's is on the 12th. It's always fun to celebrate since we're all together.

The girl's;
back: Delphina and Morgan
front: Claudia, Evie, Clare and Maddie
The boy's; Ethan, Noah, Anderson, Gabriel, Louis and Isaiah

After naps we went on our bikes to buy fireworks to take to the Potters later that night. I thought it was funny that Evie was holding up her shorts so she didn't get them they aren't short enough...

Joel is fixing my flat tire. The kids enjoyed running around for a few minutes.

Hooray for fireworks.

Wow, what's that dad....lemme see, I wanna see...

Joel railing the corner with Evie

Ethan and I. The kids sure love going for bike rides.

At the Potter's house. Claudia, Clare and Evie make soup with all the fireworks they picked up off the ground.

Lighting snakes...

The kids gathered around to watch the snakes...

Delphina and Morgan

Maddie showing off her sweet treats

Ethan was stoked...which smoke bomb do I eat first...
Roman Candles might be Joel's favorite firework

The kids gathered around to watch the grand finale

Isaiah was tickling toes. It was cute to see the kids hold out their feet to get tickled.

VIDEO: The neighborhood parade led by the Lincoln fire department.


  1. Awesome pictures! What a fun day! I'm so gald that you're willing to share your neighborhood parade with us; the kids look forward to it!

    That'd be Baby #5 that we're expecting. #4 arrived over 2 years ago! ;)

  2. I love the Mr July statement about the're too funny Carrie!