Monday, July 20, 2009

Salida Park

We went to mass in Salida today so Ethan could take a good morning nap. Usually we go in Buena Vista but the mass time is basically Ethan's nap time and last Sunday he melted down in the car all the way home...saying ni ni (night night). It was hard not to feel guilty for putting him in that situation. Anyway, after mass today we had lunch at a great new Chinese restaurant we found last year and let the kids ride and play at the park.

There were warn paths that crossed through the park from the corner of each block and through the center like an X. The kids had fun running on the paths...actually, just running in general.

Ethan sporting a pair of glasses Joel found on the swing

Evie giving you the Taiwanese victory sign and I think a nanu-nanu or something from Star Trek...

Heading back to the car

...but not before the kids did twirly-whirlies until they were so dizzy they would fall down laughing

Just a few blocks away from the car. You can faintly see the Salida 'S' on the hill in the distance.

Evie was excited to find hand prints in the concrete that were her size. The names in the concrete were Sarah and Connor. Evie was full of questions about who the kids are and why there hand prints were there...

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  1. Carrie-can you send me a copy of that picture of Evie holding Ethan on top of her in the grass? Please!